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Below is user information for ~*~Love You Long Time~*~. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:elleabeille (857906)
Name:~*~Love You Long Time~*~
Location:Virginia, United States
Bio:~*~A Best Friend Is A Sister Destiny Forgot To Give You~*~

LYLTSF! You're the best friend ever. You're my twin and the other half of my brain. Which I'm guessing is why we decided to do this story thing anyway. LoL! I love how you know what I'm thinking and you always know just when I need you to call. You're the best ever! I love you Karine Laverne! Best Friends For Life~*~

Interests:50: alice hoffman, american dreams, aries, ashley judd, audrey hepburn, beaches, bette midler, bob dylan, celine dion, classic film, csi, csi ny, danielle steel, dave matthews band, don henley, gilmore girls, guitars, heart, hippees, incense, joan of arcadia, journalism, karaoke, los angeles, mary higgins clark, michelle branch, movies, music, naomi judd, nicole kidman, nora roberts, penguins, photography, photojournalism, practical magic, reading, rocky horror picture show, sheryl crow, shirley temple, silk stalkings, the eagles, the judds, the sixties, titanic, usc, vanessa carlton, without a trace, woodstock, writing, wynonna judd
Friends:1: touchedbythesun
Friend of:1: touchedbythesun
Account type:Free User

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