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Below is user information for Alasse: Elven Princess. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:elfprincess (113926)
Name:Alasse: Elven Princess
Location:Tennessee, United States
Interests:122: a knights tale, anne frank, anĂ­ron, aphrodite, ares, arwen, bell witch, blistex, bonne bell, brotherhood of the wolf, buying purses, charles perrault, chocolate, cinderella, cinnamon altoids, clinique, clothes, collecting, collecting glass, collecting glass things, collecting purple things, cosmo, costume jewelry, cupid, dancing, diet vanilla coke, drew barrymore, edge, enya, ever after, fairy tales, fanfiction, flora's secret, funky jewelry, ghost stories, ginny weasley, glamour, glass slipper, glass slippers, gryffindor, haldir, haldir lives!, harry potter, homemade pizza, interview with the vampire, jeans, jedi, jedi knight, jedi knights, jedi master, jedi masters, jeff hardy, jesse, jesse reeves, jessica reeves, jewelry, joxer, knights, leo, lestat, lestat de lioncourt, lightsabers, lilo & stitch, lions, lip balm, lip gloss, lipbalm, lipgloss, lipglosses, lita, liv tyler, lord of the rings, louis de pointedulac, make up, makeup, may it be, moaning myrtle, moulin rouge, mulan, musketeers, new orleans, once upon a galaxy, only time, pizza, purple, purple things, purses, queen of the damned, quinn blackwood, reading, romeo + juliet, scary stories, shakespeare, shopping, silver, silver lightsabers, soundtracks, star wars, stargate, starry night, stars, the 10th kingdom, the bell witch, the hardy boyz, the undertaker, titanic, tolkien elves, tommy hilfiger, urban legends, vampire chronicles, van gogh, victoria's secret, vincent van gogh, vintage jewelry, writing, wwe, wwe soundtracks, wwf, xena, xena soundtracks, yankee candles, young riders
Friends:8: as_you_wish, cinderjewel, faerie_tales, glamourbombs, poisoned_ivy, shane_fans, sweet_or_evil, wrestling
Friend of:3: as_you_wish, poisoned_ivy, sphynx526
Member of:3: faerie_tales, glamourbombs, wrestling
Account type:Early Adopter

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