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Below is user information for ~*xWx*~. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:elf_princess (53353)
Website:Colour Me Unfinished
Location:United Kingdom
AOL IM:UberGoddessWills (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Right this second I'm feeling... The current mood of at

This journal is friends only, don't question me and I won't question you ^_~

Comment or add me as a friend if you want to read more... and I'll um, think about it!

All I ever really wanted was to fly...
I'm pissed off with gravity
Wont you let me go
I need to fly
And I'd like to know
Do you believe?
Will you believe?

Did you ever believe in me...

Do You Believe - Joydrop

I sometimes refer to a fraggle I am kicking... this here is him... *sweet smile* don't feel bad, he enjoys a good boot! (And if he doesnt, tough, I'm a SUG and I will kick any fraggle I like! 'specially the annoying ones like him...)

According to claims: See? ^_^

And that's according to claim_me_now: Yep!

You're only allowed two... but since I can't own David Boreanaz and Angelus...
I've got the next best thing... a petting agreement *smirk*

Look *grins and pets wills claims freely*

Memories:1 entry
Interests:33: a:ts, angel, aragorn, azure ray, bif naked, btvs, buffy the vampire slayer, creativeness, fanfic, fraggles, freddie prinze jr, joydrop, kate winslet, legolas, linkin park, lotr, madonna, melanie c, movies, music, orlando bloom, photoshop, plumb, roger sanchez, rp, rpg, sarah michelle gellar, sinead, spongebob, tara maclean, tori amos, viggo mortensen, writing
Friends:41: andais, blueboy, boofucky, catastrophic, croft, elfshadow, elfsong, elf_princess, get_over_it, gilraen, icon_princess, icon_slut, itzpapalotl, jaded__girl, kasou, leekster, mavra, monkeydorkness, nienna, niki_, orbiting_sarah, poised, prinze, prinzess, sarah_world, scoob_gang, shinobi, sil, simply_nichole, sodi_nahbi, the_hellmouth, uber_brain, uber_goddesses, unreal_world, upheaval, utsukushii_sora, weirdbard, wills, zeppo_boy, _nic_dork_, _sayanything
Friend of:33: anagoge, andais, blueboy, croft, diei_irae, elfshadow, elfsong, elf_princess, get_over_it, gilraen, hurley_lover, icon_princess, itzpapalotl, kasou, leekster, mavra, monkeydorkness, nienna, niki_, prinze, prinzess, prophet_iv, sarah_g, shinobi, sil, sodi_nahbi, uber_brain, upheaval, utsukushii_sora, weirdbard, wills, zeppo_boy, _nic_dork_
Member of:3: claims, claim_me_now, uber_goddesses
Account type:Early Adopter

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