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User:eleemosynary (94855)
Name:Artie Eleemosynary
Location:Florida, United States
Bio:Hello all the people who come across this piece of virutally work. I am not really named Artie, thought that would be pretty cool. I am a little weird, but who isn't these days. I have friends, and I am pretty well liked, but you know it, i still feel alone on many days. even when talking with them, i feel a little disconnected. don't get me wrong, i am not an angst writer, nor am i a fake depressed person who drones on and on about how life sucks... so that is just me...
i can't say much more now other than, tata...and enjoy i hope..
Interests:141: 80's music/culture/style/life, acting, adam sandler, alan rickman, alfred hitchcock, andy kaufman, bananas, bearded ladies, beds, beetles, big daddy, black, blazing saddles, blues brothers, british accents, britishness, caberet, casabalanca, cats, channon, chico, chocolate, chris farley, claude rains, clocks, comedy, costumes, cream, dancing, daria, dasota, david bowie, disney, dogma, douglas anderson, dr.beger, dracula, duck soup, edward scissorhands, eric idol, fiction, fountains, freaks, french fries, galaxy quest, gene wilder, george, german barmaids, groucho, gylda radner, hair dye, halloween, harpo, harrison ford, harry potter, high anxity, html, im buddies, improvisation, insanity, john, john belushi, john cleese, jokes, journals, laughter, lavilla, little miss muffit, little nicky, liverpool, lon chaney, love, macoroni & cheese, mad monkies, madonna, magical mystery tour, magnetic poetry, mamas and the papas, man on the moon, marashmellows, marx brothers, marxest, meditation, mel brooks, mgm, micky mouse, mimes, monty python, mr.higgins, mrs.aden, muffins, muppets, musicals, nude beatles, nudity, parties, paul, pepper ann, phantom of the opera, phil hartman, photography, pidgets, plays & playwrites, poetry, puns, red, rem, robin hood:men in tights, rod sterling, rollar coasters, roofs, ryan stiles, school, sideshows, silent movies, singing, slap stick, snl, stand-up, steve martin, sting, talking heads, the beatles, the sexy, the sims, the wedding singer, theatre, tim burton, twilight zone, typing, u2, vampires, walrus', webpages, websites, werewolves, x-mas lights, yahoo!, yellow submarine, yoga, young frankenstien
Friends:None listed.
Account type:Early Adopter

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