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Below is information about the "we are the robots" community. This an open-membership community. To join, click here. You may leave the community at any time.

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User:electro_geeks (42641)
Name:we are the robots


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Interests:150: 80's music, :wumpscut:, adult swim, adult., ambient, analogue, and one, android lust, anime, ant zen, aphex twin, apoptygma berzerk, artificial intelligence, assemblage 23, autechre, babyland, beborn beton, binar code, bjork, bleeding, blip hop, cex, chicane, clubbing, clubs, computer games, computers, converter, covenant, cubase, cure, cyber, cyberpunk, cyborg, dancing, danny elfman, darkwave, das ich, dat politics, david bowie, depeche mode, die form, digital art, distortion, dj, dorks, drum 'n' bass, dryft, e-craft, ebm, echo and the bunnymen, electro, electronica, experimental, experimental noise, expolsion in the sky, faint, feindflug, felix da housecat, fischerspooner, forma tadre, front 242, funckarma, funker vogt, gamma rays, gear, gear whores, geek boys, geek girls, geeks, gescom, gimmik, glitch, graphic design, gridlock, haujobb, hocico, idm, imperative reaction, industrial, industrial music, informatik, intelligent life, intelligent techno, internet, invader zim, joy division, jthm, key boards, kraftwerk, ladytron, leaether strip, lost signal, lunarclick, math rock, miss kitten, mono no aware, nerds, neuroticfish, new order, new wave, nin, nine inch nails, nitzer ebb, noise, noisex, oingo boingo, orbital, peaches, photoshop, plaid, power noise, prodigy, pzycho bitch, radiohead, rivet, rivetheads, robots, rurik, s.i.n.a, s.p.o.c.k, scanner, sci-fi, science fiction, seabound, skinny puppy, skorbut, snog, soft cell, somatic responses, spectre, speedy j, squarepusher, suicide commando, sutekh, synapscape, synthesizers, synthpop, techno, trance, trancecore, tumor, twerk, underworld, vnv nation, warp records, web design, wolfsheim, wumpscut, x marks the pedwalk
Members:105: acidglitter, aint_scurred, amberxdream, anomie, aphexpusher, aspartame, a_pink_frost, bangbangbang, bleedinsilence, bluestar, broken_alice, bubastis, bucephalous, chaotic_evil, coldacid, conor, consumerwhore, crucified, dani_the_girl, decadent_spiral, dentaku, digitalharlot, discrucio, doodle724, drugsmakemecool, electric_sketch, electronix, electro_k, enfant_terrible, everyonesayshi, extinguished, femalefrater, femmedeverre, fertility, filmtheworld, first_taste, fuckthepainaway, fuyuhimi, geektacious, geekygirl, glamcore, gogohitlerswife, graveyrdflower, grey_flower, grl_almost_dead, icing_sugar, imalonerdotty, imperfections, ineloquence, insight, iposeur, itransmission, izzy, japanlover, jesuswearsnike, joiexdexvivre, keithylishus, knildnuos, krysis, lambchopstix, lecter, lovewarrior, mattzeroi, mechdroid, misspennylane, mo0nshine, mopping, mrbraun, mr_geek_core, nickytron, nitrowolf, nocturnalmorte, nuwavehairdu, opportunist_x, parad0x, perfectdisguise, pixelghetto, polaroidporn, pulcher, punkgoat, pussygalore, quikslvr, reelocate, sabrina, sha23, shatter, show_me_a_rose, sillyincognito, slumkids, starsfallsilent, stranjbehaviour, styrofoamboots, summerxstars, tencents_, theageofsolar, thelovescene, thisisdisconect, x360, x_synthetik, zeronimbus, _chibi, _infamous, _plastic, __corroded, __vague__
Watched by:47: angelwitch, aphexpusher, aspartame, a_pink_frost, bangbangbang, black_butterfly, broken_alice, bubastis, conor, consumerwhore, discrucio, drugsmakemecool, electric_sketch, electronix, emergencydeath, enfant_terrible, everyonesayshi, femmedeverre, filmtheworld, fuyuhimi, graveyrdflower, icing_sugar, insight, izzy, jesuswearsnike, krysis, lecter, mo0nshine, mopping, mr_geek_core, nickytron, nitemarefassade, nuwavehairdu, parad0x, pixelghetto, polaroidporn, pussygalore, rivitgrrrlari, sha23, shakeshakekill, sillyincognito, slumkids, starsfallsilent, thisisdisconect, waityoulied, x360, _plastic
Account type:Early Adopter

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