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Below is user information for Ein. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:ein (42420)
Website:Access Granted
Location:Crowley, Texas, United States
AOL IM:Fuzzy Ein (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Yahoo! ID:Fuzzy_Ein (Add User, Send Message)
MSN Username:Fuzzy_Ein
Bio:i am the enigma known as ein. my time is divided amongst my car (Swordfish), my computers/programs/journal, school, and my endless quest to find meaning in life. enter my mission log, if you are interested in a crash course in my life. a digital watch is not a prerequisite, but is preferred. a towel, however, is a prereq. no towel = no dice. it doesn't necessairily have to be clean or anything, you just have to have one. it implies the type of person you are. every decent person has a towel. every cool person has both a towel and a digital watch.
Interests:150: 300zx, 80s, ad&d, aiwa, alice cooper, animal crossing, anime, assembly, atari, ati, baldur's gate, bass, bill and ted, bioware, black isle, boss, brak, buttons, c, c#, c++, calculus, candy hearts, car audio, car restoration, cartoon network, casemods, cathode, cheese, college, computers, constellations, courage the cowerdly dog, cowboy bebop, daggers, ddr ram, dexter, digital watches, discovery channel, dogs, doom, dos, douglas adams, dragons, dream theater, dreamweaver, duct tape, dungeons & dragons, dvds, ed edd & eddy, electromagnetic induciton, evanescence, evil dead, faeries, ferun, forgotten realms, fortran, forty-two, fretless bass, ftp, funk, gauss, gir, goth, guitar, gundam, hardware, heavy metal, html, hubs, icewind dale, improbability, intelligence, internet, invader zim, inyuasha, johnny depp, lans, legend of zelda, les claypool, life, linux, love, mario, metroid, metroid prime, michelangelo, mortal kombat, mp3s, music, nerds, nes, networking, neverwinter nights, nissan, outlaw star, overclocking, pagan, pearl jam, perl, philosophy, planescape torment, poison, porn, primus, princess mononoke, programming, psychology, quake3, radioshack, redheads, rock, samurai jack, santa claus, shiny stuff, sleep, snes, software, space ghost, spaceghost, sponge bob, star trek, stars, starship titanic, swordfish ii, swords, tacos, team arena, teenage mutant ninja turtles, telnet, the fifth element, thrift store, top-down programming, towels, trillian, tsr, unix, unreal, uta, van halen, victor wooten, visual studio, washburn, web development, welsh corgi, wicca, windows xp, witchcraft, yoko kanno, zorak
Friends:29: angelbaby84, anime, aragwen, aristocrats, azrelay, bleedingsoul, check_red, eyeloverain, feliciamoon, heart_in_hand, immortalfaery, inxcairo, josienutter, karebear224, madison_jolie, magick, my_perception, paganism, pullmytrigger, pyromaniac, radical_edward, rowandraco, silver_dusted, souma_kyo, strltr0se, vitaminless, we_are_cool, witchcraft, zombie
Friend of:15: angelbaby84, bleedingsoul, eyeloverain, heart_in_hand, karebear224, my_perception, pullmytrigger, pyromaniac, radical_edward, rowandraco, savedamullet, silver_dusted, souma_kyo, strltr0se, zombie
Member of:9: anime, aristocrats, community_ads, idiotsanonymous, listmania, magick, paganism, sextips, witchcraft
Account type:Early Adopter

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