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Below is user information for Harvey Dallas McKenna. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:ebony_rose (342114)
Name:Harvey Dallas McKenna
Location:tokyo, Japan
AOL IM:YukinoyoSoda (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Yahoo! ID:Harvey_McKenna (Add User, Send Message)
Bio:Profile for: Harvey Dallas McKenna (Ariel Lucifer Morningstar)
Race: Irish/Europien
Birthday: 10/31/85
Astrological Sign:Scoripo
Zodiac sign:
Blood Type: O-
Measurements: Medium/slim
Beliefs/Religion: Wicca/Satanic with a few drops of christianity
Basic description:went thought a hellish childhood alone only to be reuinted with his mother at 16 and lose her again at 19, lost in a sea of depression and self distruction

Current Information
>family background: Maylila McKenna-Mother(decesed), Nicholi Morningstar-Father, Malcolm McKenna-Cousin, Yukio Valentine-Son, Ethan Valo-son, Trent Valo-Son, Shinichirou Hoshi-Addopted Son, James McKenna-Second Cousin, Lucifer Morningstar Jr.-Uncle, Lucifer Morningstar Sr.-Grandfather, Sin Morningstar-Grandmother, Ariel Morningstar-uncle, Attilas Morningstar-Uncle(i think)

>birth place: Kilkenny, Ireland.

>home: Tokyo, Japan

>possessions: Pearl White Jimmy Hendrix Edition Guitar, Maylila's spell books

>pets: Midnight, Twilight, Starlight, Moonlight-black cats

Physical Description
>hair style: long Ebony hair falling just under his hips

>eyes: Violet

>body: medium built

>physical condition: above average/Vampyric

>marks, scar, tattoo:hook like tattoo on left shoulderblade, black rose tatoo with 'merciful Death' on right shoulder blade, scar along hair line. tribal tattoo on left bicep.

>clothing: anything black dark and gothic looking, mostly skin tight Leather pants and lose fitting silk shirts

>likes: the ideal of love, seeing Nagii smile, Yukio and his other childerns happiness, helping Koe suceed where hes failed so many times, drinking with Rubii and Mike after work. music.

>dislikes:Pop Music, Rap, Rape of love ones. pain and suffering in a whole, himself having been born.

>fears: dying alone and being forgotten, or being hated by his childern.

>goals: to live his life and find soul mate.

>hobbies: music, playing guitar, writting songs and poetry, watching his childern grow up, Coustody battles

>occupation: Manager of Morningstar Productions.

>favorite food: AB+, Cherry cheese cake

>least favorite food: Maylila's meatloaf x.x; it moves

>most prized possession:his mothers room staying untouched

>vernacular: English- Sam Endicott / Japanese-

>psychological condition: Anxiety, Manic Depression, Conductiot Disorder, Depression, Post Tramatic Stress Disorder, Suicide, Incestual Tendacies, Murderous Tendacies, rape issues, Drug and Alcohol addctions, un-medicated.

>character behavior: Harvey is a highly depressed young man whom cares more about others then himself he

>aptitude: highly intellegent, doesnt act it though.

>social and other pressure, problems: addictions to Alcohol, Cigarettes, and a handful of narcotics.

>relationships: Naglen Valentine-ex-husband/Rinako Kagiyama-ExGirlfriend/friend, Rubii Tsukioka-Uncle/best Friend/Boss, Naru Uhyno-Friend, Kelsey Beardsley-childhood friend, Dorian Gray-Mentor, Michael Casabluncas-Co-worker/Drinking buddy,
Gerard McKenna-sorta son/mother replacement.

>beliefs, superstition, moral value: belives that you can get anywhere in life with enough sex appel.(look at Rubii)

>positive characteristics: loyal to thoughs he cares about, would die for anyone, fast thinker, listens well, adn ready to avange any wrong written.

>negatives characteristics: suicidal, ego, quick temper, violant as hell, anger problems, and low self esteem

>personality: a loner in most aspects Harvey comes off as a antisocial person whom wants nothing more then to be left alone, but really thast only to people he doesnt feel comfortable around. he is a clingy person to any whom ae nice to him and give completents, having a strong need to be priased and wanting nothing more in life then to love be loved in return not just someones bed warmer.

>physical: advanced abilties due to the vampyric atrabutes in his blood. faster speed when running, stronger then most men, advanced hearing, far range eyesight

>magical: doesnt matter, binded by Kongouseki Tsukioka.

>other: manipulitive.

>Favorite color: Black and Red


>Image song and/or flower: Danzig-Mother/Black Roses

>Personal Quotes: "Ill never stop loving you, even with my last breath. ill mutter your name"/"Am I as beautiful as Rubii?, no i didnt think so, no where near it"/"My Razor Becomes a Pen, My Noose becomes Thoughts, my pills become words, Swallow them down, Creative Suicide."

>other: quiet enjoys his theorpy and can speak German, part Japanese,French, Finnish, Irish, English

Interests:25: alice cooper, alternative, benji, billy idol, brandon lee, death to avril, goth, grunge, hard core, heavy metal, indie rock, industrial rock, led zeppelin, marylin mansion, metallica, mobscene, nine inch nails, ozzy osborne, punk, rem, the crow, the cult, the perfect drug, the sex pistols, trent reznor
Friends:10: bishiounen_omi, littlesnockna, lost_naoe, naoen, nogi_snockna, paun, ppopicons, tsukioka_rubii, xxville_valoxx, zaxier
Friend of:14: arik_incarne, beast_of_666, bishiounen_omi, crybaby_kelsey, kouki, lost_naoe, neko_hidakaken, paun, poetic_rose, prince_ariel, todo, wicked_web, wishful_sinful, xxville_valoxx
Member of:1: ppopicons
Account type:Free User

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