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Below is user information for Lyndsey "LA". If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:easyaspiela (526312)
Name:Lyndsey "LA"
Location:New Jersey, United States
AOL IM:linzepie22 (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Bio:HEY allll
whats name is lyndsey nickname LA or easy as pie...its because im a 'slut" hahah its all just one big joke but its funny anyway

i got this journal because everyone else does it ..yea im cool yea right...umm idk how much ill be on here but ill try as much as possible...

love inside jokes, love quotes, love TV, love marching band, choir, singing, dancing, basketball, all sports actuallly, friends, music, going online, reading, running LIFE

I love people and i love life
i love myself too :)

my best freinds are justin and jazmyn and rob and erica and my sister stayc

everyone else I LOVE and u all rock my world

Interests:37: acapella harmony, airplanes, basketball, being a "slut", boys, curly hair, everything, eyes, fireworks, food, friends, god, hacksack, inside jokes, joking, life, loving people, march madness, marching band, music, my sister stayc, people, picollos, red hair, rockapella, romance, saxaphones, singing, spiderman, sports, stars, sunsets, superman, talking, television, tv stars, working hard
Friends:5: acec2h3o2, givemethepen_, jazzikins21, mrsaxy, ptrizzle
Friend of:3: acec2h3o2, mrsaxy, ptrizzle
Account type:Free User

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