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Below is user information for D WOOD. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:dwood20 (95357)
Location:Montague, Michigan, United States
AOL IM:Dwonefour (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Bio:Sophomore at GVSU, chemistry major, love to play basketball in my free time . . . . when i get free time, that is. And you can't live in Hills without playin Hold 'em.
Memories:12 entries
Interests:150: 2% milk, 20, 3 doors down, 400 m dash, 800 m run, adidas, adidas campuses, aim, all american rejects, and 1, apple juice, apricots, aragorn, bacon, bad boys 2, ballin, basketball, being comfortable, being on solid ground, big waves, blueberries, blurty, brunettes, caffeine, cards, carl lewis, cedar point, chalupas, chocolate milk, claire forlani, dashboard confessional, doritos, down hill skiing, driving, dry socks, dumb and dumber, dvds, eating, eggs, elijah wood, engineering, euchre, evanescence, eyes, fine point pens, fishing, food, football, frodo, fruit, gatorade, george w. bush, going fast, golf, grand valley state university, grape juice, grapes, greasy foods, gvsu, halle berry, hats, hillary duff, honeydew, hoops, ibuprofen, ice cream, iced tea, icees, iceman, jason alexander, jason kidd, jennifer garner, juice, kool aid, koreans, lakers, laughing, legolas, lifehouse, little caesars, living, long jump, lord of the rings, macaroni & cheese, matchbox twenty, mcflurries, memories, metallica, michael johnson, michael jordan, michael richards, michael t. weiss, mission impossible, movies, music, mysterious, natalie portman, nectarines, nerf, nike, oceans 11, open minded people, orlando bloom, pasta, peaches, peanut m&m's, poker, popcorn, quickness, rain, relaxing, republicans, rollerblading, running, running until you fall, saffron, salt and vinegar pringles, seinfeld, showers, sleeping, smiling, snow, soccer, spaghetti, speed, steve prefontaine, strawberries, strawberry milk, superman ice cream, swishes, taking naps outside, tennis, texas hold 'em, the matrix, the simpsons, thunderstorms, tiger woods, toothbrushes, toothpaste, township, track, tv, viggo mortensen, water, watermelon, waves, wesco, white teeth, wildcats, winning
Friends:21: alicia20, ameans80, aud32, beachbaybe, crazy123, dellster, emily20, freckinjerk, imadramaqueen, jen4chen, jenb735, kvonefour, lhstrawberry, lilruntz1, morgs24, prolife, rach17, rcoler25, runnersmurf24xc, scoops12, ujerk
Friend of:16: alicia20, ameans80, beachbaybe, bhappy4me, crazyskills, dellster, emily20, freckinjerk, imadramaqueen, jenb735, lilruntz1, morgs24, rach17, runnersmurf24xc, scoops12, softballuver
Member of:2: prolife, wildcats
Account type:Early Adopter

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