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Below is user information for [K] to the [aTiE]. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:dvlschild569 (344967)
Name:[K] to the [aTiE]
Website:My GJ
Location:New Jersey, United States
Bio:My name is Katie and I live in the worst state.. New Jersey =(

[[I Like ]] I like movies, long walks on the beach, boys, being wanted, cuddling, hugging, being loved, rock music, animals, puppies, doggies, hanging with my friends, playing sports, talking, dreaming, sleeping, laughing, being with someone, having someone there for me, friends, smiling, taking pictures, photography, writing stories, writing, blutry, drawing, science, life, space, stars, the plants, nature, and computers

[[I Hate]] I hate.. Loud things, explosions, being alone, being hated, not being wanted, basketball, golf, rude people, smelly stuff, hip hop, rap, britney spears, preps, depressoin, crying, death, celeberties, greedy people, selfish people, boredness, mean things, perverts, gross magazines, life, people that use other people for there crap, being sick, diseases, getting hurt, getting your heart broken, bullys, druggies, smokers, mets, and the red sox

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Interests:53: afi, aim, ashton kutcher, baseball, blurty, boy meets world, boyz, cds, cold play, communities, creed, finding nemo, good charlotte, hoobastank, ice age, icons, jackass, jackass the movie, jason mraz, jimmy eat world, john mayer, justincase, lifehouse, linkin park, matchbox 20, michelle branch, monsters inc., movies, mtv, music, my friendsz, nickelback, no doubt, real world, red hot chili peppers, road rules, simple plan, softball, something corporate, sportz, stacie orrico, sum 41, switch foot, talking, the inferno, the oc, the used, third eye blind, three doors down, train, u2, vhi, yankees
Friends:10: butterfliez_, il0vey0oux3, madaboutmonty, p_ssed_off, scarredstar, starfuker, sweetheart33, tetebabie, x_am_i_missing, _twisted
Friend of:5: ixonlyxneedxyou, p_ssed_off, tetebabie, x_am_i_missing, _twisted
Member of:19: 0bscene_design, baboon_scrotum, bellecontests, best_icons_ever, bubblegum_grfx, claim_your_fear, communitys_, crazy_4_icons, html_help, ic0nz_, icons_, oldschool_tevee, roman_goddess, theiconjudges, xxthe_infernoxx, x_free_shit_x, _blurtybuddies, _icon_addiction, _icon_contest_
Account type:Free User

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