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Below is user information for Dave Desrosiers. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:dude_its_dave (135385)
Name:Dave Desrosiers
AOL IM:duh im dave (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Bio:[dude i cant even spell his last name, i'm not dave]
Friends:70: akutcher, alba_jess, aleciaxxmoore, alison_larter, appleby__, ashleypwangel, a_schull, bass_l, benjizzle, ben_dover, bjeanspears, brittany__m, clarkson____, dan_showed_you, dude_its_dave, elena_katina, em__vancamp, erika__c, front_door, gwen__stefani_, hollyvalance_, irresistiblej, jaded_hollywood, jaded_ooc, jamesvanderbeek, jenn_garner_, jizzoel, johnny_m, joshuajackson, joshuas_chasez, kerr, kimmathers, kirsten_d_, k_cassidy, k_heigl_, mack_a, marie_ateens, marsh_mathers, matthew_damon, mel_schuman, mere_monroe, michellejaquet, mister_jt, mooch_trace, nataliex, natalie_anne, nicky_g_carter, nicky_hilton__, paris_hilton__, penelope_cruz, rose_mcgowan_, sanoexlake, shelliwhite_, tara__r, taylorhanson_, tickle_me_tom, topher_grace, trevor269penick, volkova_, willaford___, xmila_kunisx, xpierrebouvierx, xtiina_aguilera, _bradford_, _busy, _kate_hudson__, _kreuk_, _marion_, _shaw, __eliza
Friend of:44: akutcher, alyson__h, ayumi_hamasaki_, bass_l, ben_dover, ccomeau, donna___r, dude_its_dave, erika__c, fallonator, gellar__, hollyvalance_, jamesvanderbeek, johnny_m, joshuas_chasez, josh_gracin, josie___, juliaownzyou, justintimber, j_lopez_, kate_garry, kimmathers, k_ozbourne, lisa_marie, mack_a, madexmanxbenji, marsh_mathers, matthew_damon, michellejaquet, orlandobloom_, rosie__m, shelliwhite_, tay_h, topher_grace, willaford___, xjessi_albax, xxnatalie, _bradford_, _cuthbert, _dominique, _emmanuelle, _kreuk_, _marion_, _marit
Member of:3: front_door, jaded_hollywood, jaded_ooc
Account type:Early Adopter
Date created:2003-03-09 01:08:32
Date updated:2003-04-13 10:09:10, 609 weeks ago
Clients used:Web: 1.0, 1.1
Journal entries:17
Comments:Posted: 53 - Received: 56
Shared Journal Access:dude_its_dave can post to front_door
dude_its_dave can post to jaded_hollywood
dude_its_dave can post to jaded_ooc

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