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User:duckgoesmeow (617187)
Website:Em's Profile
Location:Hudson, Massachusetts, United States
Bio:Name- Emily

Age- 13

Location- Hudson Mass...which is a hellish small town

Hair- Brown

Eyes- Blue

Height- 5'3

Status- TAKEN by my wonderful boyfriend! Anthony- you're the best!

F. Bands- GC, NFG, Mest, MxPx, The Clash, Sex Pistols, Minor Threat, Bad Relgion, NOFX, Offpsring, Green Day, Saves the Day, Thursday, The Hives, AAR, Taking Back Sunday, As Friends Rust, Favez, River City High, Hope Conspiracy, Tool, Disturbed, Korn, Hatebreed, Shai Hulud, Boy Sets Fire, David Bowie, The Smiths, The Pixies, Joy Division, Simple Plan, SUM 41, Weezer, No Doubt (old skool)..........and many other bands

F. Colors- Black, red, magenta, lime green

F. Foods & Drink- Sushi, cereal, Skittles, chicken & Coke

F. TV Show- I Love the 80's, Viva La Bam & Trading Spaces

F. Movies- The Breakfast Club, Pretty In Pink, Sixteen Candles, Not Another Teen Movie & Amelie

F. Actress/Actor- Yup, you guessed it: I'm a HUGE Molly Ringwald fan

F. Numbers- 27 & 13

Hobbies- Listening to music, thinking about Anthony (my boyfriend), doing homework, kickin it at the mall or at home, going behind bookcases (haha to anyone who gets it), sleeping, eating

Hopes/Dreams for the future- To marry Anthony and have a honeymoon in either Vegas or Italy. Then, I wanna become a pro mortician. And after that, I want to have one kid that looks pretty much exactly like Anthony and a '66 Impala!! Oh yeah!

Quotes- "FRENCH TOAST, FRENCH TOAST IS VEGAN!" -Steve Klein and Jordan Pundik (it's a NFG inside joke)
Interests:40: aar, as friends rust, bad relgion, boy sets fire, david bowie, disturbed, doing homework, eating, favez, gc, green day, hatebreed, hope conspiracy, joy division, korn, listening to music, lots of other stuff, mest, minor threat, mxpx, my homies, my rockin' family, nfg, nofx, offpsring, river city high, saves the day, sex pistols, shai hulud, simple plan, sleeping, sum 41, taking back sunday, the clash, the hives, the pixies, the smiths, thursday, tool, weezer
Friends:None listed.
Account type:Free User

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