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Below is information about the "we arent all as beautiful as you" community. This an open-membership community. To join, click here. You may leave the community at any time.

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User:drop_dead_ugly (141641)
Name:we arent all as beautiful as you
Location:Pennsylvania, United States
Interests:142: acting stupid, aim, american pie, aol instant messanger, avoca, baltimore orioles, bananas, being home alone, being noticed, bisexual guys, bisexuals, black eyeliner, black knee highs, blue jeans, blurty, bobby ray, bowling, boy meets world, bracelets, burning cds, butterflies, canned pasta products, cartoons, celia, chatrooms, chick-flicks, cinnamon toast crunch, condoms, cuddling, decorations, digital cable, dorks, duck-billed platypuses, dustin diamond, eggos, elephants, fast-food dinners, food, football, french fries, friendly people, friends, fun people, funny people, gay guys, getting comments, giraffes, glasses, glitter, going to the movies, guy patterson, guys who play instruments, guys with cool glasses, gym class, harriet the spy, hermi my bear, horny people, hot wings, house hunters, hugs, ice cream, jello, ketchup, kevin, kool-aid, ladybugs, legally blonde, lenny, lollipops, long notes from friends, making fun of airheads, making fun of people, matthew mcconaughey, music, my bed, my cat, my computer, my computer chair, my hoodie, my journal, my rem cd, my sexy heart pillows, my sum41 cd, never been kissed, new york giants, nicole, nicoles bed, nifty socks, nifty ties, north eastern pennsylvania, ohio, operation, patsy and maxine, peanut butter, penises, people named gary, perverted comedies, perverted jokes, pete's hat, pineapples, pizza, powered sugar, pubic hair, purple grapes, rain, road trip, rubber bands, safety pins, saved by the bell, screech, sex related terms, shag, shannon, short people, shrimp, simple plan, socks, spongebob square pants, stars, strawberry smoothies, stupid kid movies, sugarcult, summer, that thing you do!, the bakery, the bass player, the color black, the color pink, the color red, the color white, the computer, the fairly odd parents, the little giants, the little mermaid, the olive garden, the sandlot, the television, the wizard of oz, unwrapped, wendys, your mother, zack morris
Members:73: alfador, beiro, bleedrightthru, blue_vegas, candycancer, cruel_portrait, crying_misery, cynicaldelinque, daveys_baby, ddrmissy, demented_doll, disarm_my_smile, feetfirst, forsakenlove, funkiemonkie, ghettocheese, glitterpuke, graueseele, grief, heartchains, heartsfallapart, honeyfrii, imadork88, imperfect10, imperfectstar, incomplete1, invisible_x, isimplymissu, i_dont_need_u, jesibel3, jessxchaos, juggalo_love, latenights, liljitterbitch, lizardofoz, loserstarrx, love_is_my_life, luvdadark, maryluvzgreg, meredithedwards, michellexx33, never_buried, nolongrheavenly, omgsaddam, pft3xaday, pixiepains, poisonedpurity, razorsharpkizez, rejekted, revelling08, rockprincess, run_like_hell9, shaq, sk8rgrrl, startxxstatic, star_tears, stittchd0ll, strangewildgirl, strawberygashes, tokin2death, too_far_away, toxictear313, udonotknowme51, vixenmh4, wont_stop_cryin, wreked_n_jelous, xbeachbabex, xdemolishedx, xlittlexgraverx, xpoetictragedy, zandra, _tempting, _wishin
Watched by:27: alfador, bloodyblueeyes, condescend, crying_misery, daveys_baby, ddrmissy, disarm_my_smile, feetfirst, forsakenlove, ghettocheese, ihatemyself303, imperfect10, invisible_x, loserstarrx, makemepureagain, maryluvzgreg, meredithedwards, michellexx33, nightshadeabyss, ratedxglamour, rockprincess, sk8rgrrl, star_tears, stittchd0ll, strawberygashes, tokin2death, utopianhaze
Account type:Early Adopter

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