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Below is user information for Marina. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:drippingemotion (226462)
Website:DriPPing EmotioNss
Location:orlando, Florida, United States
Bio:I'm the queen of dumb mistakes, i've made my bed but i won't lie in it, how much more can one girl take? This pressure has got me going out of my mind, cause all i know is i'm not feeling right and now i need another reason to try, i wanna run away, theres no where i can run too and now i understand, cause i'm not having fun, and now it seems like everything i had has gone wrong. . .
Interests:52: afi, alkaline trio, atreyu, beloved, blood brothers, brand new, coheed and cambria, computer, cursive, dashboard, dont look down, dropkick murpheys, everytime i die, face to face, fall out boy, fata, fenix tx, food, friends, further seems forever, glassjaw, gutter mouth, hi-standard, incubus, kill me tomorrow, less then jake, mad caddies, mae, poison the well, rilo kiley, senses fail, senses field, slick shoes, something corperate, steal train, story of the year, suicide machines, taking back sunday, the ataris, the early november, the locust, the new amsterdamns, the starting line, the used, third eye blind, three doors down, thrice, toys that kill, tsunami bomb, under oath, waiting for autumn, yellowcard
Friends:3: brokentearss, jcrazy3459, soundlssscreams
Friend of:2: a_happy_ending, soundlssscreams
Account type:Free User

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