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Below is information about the "x___Dream Work" community. This an open-membership community. To join, click here. You may leave the community at any time.

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User:dreamwork (74275)
Name:x___Dream Work
"We are such stuff as dreams are made on; and our little life is rounded with sleep"
- William Shakespeare

[this community was passed down to me by rena <3]

Here is where we talk of dreams and sleep.
-The study of dreams
-Our personal views on dreams and sleep
-Dream/sleep exercises
-Questions/Help to others
-interpretation or actualization
-just simply tell us about your dreams or sleeping patterns
-anything even slightly dream OR sleep related is welcome here.

If you have any problems, suggestions, or comments please contact me at the e-mail above or visit my journal. I'm here to help :)


Please read the following before joining

Well I guess i better get this out of the way. This is just a list of rules for the community that i will be putting in the memories. Please dont be put off by the rules though, Im sure that you will find that most of them are the obvious things that you would take for granted in most communities, but i better post them anyway, Thank you for letting me fill up your friends page with this.

*All Dreams are welcome to be shared in this communities, But please keep in mind that their are not age restrictions to join, so if your dream (or any post in this community) is sexually explicit, involves detailed violence, horror or has strong offensive lauguage, or anything else that some people may believe is not appropriate for a minor to read then you are still very welcome to share it with us BUT please hide it behind a link or have a clear warning at the beginning of your enrty.

*Make sure that your icon is suitable for all ages (and people who may be viewing their journal at work or whatnot)

*Please be respectful towards other people. Do not abuse them if their opinions or lifestyle differ from yours. To have a poliet discussion and not agree is okay, there is no need to bring drama. Do not say anything to intentionaly hurt another person. I dont want any arguments in the community and if i see one begin to happen i will not hesitate to stand in. If you believe that someone is being rude or disrespectful towards you, dont argue with them, but contact me -Email is
- My journal is _mysong4u

*Remember that alot of members have dreamwork on their friends list, so please be try not to make your entries too long, otherwise hide it behind a link or at the least appologise for its lengh.

*On Topic Posting only. I will allow any post that has something to do with Dreams or Sleep. Surveys or Quiz results to do with Dreams or sleep are ok if hidden behind a link. If you wish to advertise a communities in dreamwork, then please have the respect to contact me first with information about your community and ask permission. If i do not give you permission please do not continue to contact me regarding the matter. Artwork, poetry stories etc that were created from the idea of a dream are welcome to be shared.

*Alot of the posts will be put in the memory section for future reference. I will decide what goes in the memories without asking for permission. If you do not want one or any of your entries in the memories then please do not feel embarrassed to tell me and i will make sure that i respect your wishes. Everything i choose to put in the memories will be friends only (meaning that only members can view them)

And i think thats about it.
I hold the right to edit the rules as i wish and if any of these rules are not followed then i will leave a message reminding you of the rules, if the problem is not solved by you after i have reminded you, only then will i take further action.

See it wasnt that bad was it :D
The rules are pretty easy to remember and fairly basic as to most community rules.
Thank you for taking them into consideration
Love Always Kim
Memories:28 entries
Interests:72: actualization, advice, archetype, astrology, aura, awake, buddhism, childhood, childhood dreams, comas, creativity, death, discovering, dogma, dream analysis, dream interpretation, dream recall, dreamers, dreaming, dreams, dreamwork, dreamy, ego, elements, falling dreams, fantasy, future, healing, hope, hypnosis, interpretation, issues, journals, journey, karma, learning, life, lucid dreaming, meditation, nature, newage, nightmares, nrem, open-minded, paranormal, past, projection, questions, rebirth, relationships, relaxation, rem, research, rewriting the dream, sally gillespie, secrets, self, sexual dreams, sigmund freud, sleep, sleep patterns, sleep walking, sleeping, soozi holbeche, spontaneous wriiting, states of consciousness, strephon kaplan-williams, study, tales of narnia, the dream journey, visualisation, wet dreams
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