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User:draconid (61406)
Name:Perfect Insanity
Website:Don't Drink The Coffee
Location:Cardiff, Wales, United Kingdom
Bio:{Geek} I'm a self proclaimed geek. I'm not just addicted to blogging, but to computers in general. I squeal with glee when I get a new piece of hardware. I go into a hot sweat when the next mozilla version comes out. I also love films, roleplaying and all the Sci Fi shows on TV. How geeky can I get?

{Computers} As well as this journal and my paid livejournal I have the following communities on blurty: moviereviews, journaldesigns and journalreviews. On livejournal I have a story journal, a journal for playing with overrides, a community for film critics, one for Dragonlance fans and one for players of D&D. I'm crazy about html and php, and I used to be good at java. I'm an IRC addict (I can generally be found on DALnet) and I have recently started ICQing.

{Tea} I'm a tea addict. I drink many many many cups every day. I was once nicknamed an "evil tea drinker". And I think my journal design is evidence of exactly how much I love the stuff.

{Roleplaying} One of my favourite past-times. I sometimes wish I roleplayed more, however my friends have let roleplaying take over their lives almost, so I'm incredibly glad I'm not that bad. I play in one long running campaign that's in it's sixth or seventh year. I've been involved for five of them. I've have many characters, most of whom have survived. My favourite has to be Jason. Lord of Elstock. Ex-head of the thieves guild. Half-drow. It almost broke my heart to retire him off, but it was the right decision. I'm about to start playing in a Vampire campaign.

{Books} I used to read a lot. Nowadays I don't read as much. I'm a big fan of Tolkein, Rowling and Weis and Hickman. I'm always looking for new books to read, but seldom have the chance. Half my bookshelf is unread.

{Music} I will listen to almost anything, although I do have my preferences. Currently you will find me listening to Nickleback, Counting Crows, Jewel, Vanessa Carlton and a little known Irish singer called Juliet Turner. The only type of music I won't listen to is rap or dance or whatever million of names they call it now.

{TV} I'm not a TV addict, but there are some programs I will not miss. Stargate and Highlander are my favourites. I love all but the original series of Star Trek. Dark Angel was cool if it didn't last for long enough. Buffy and Angel are both excellent and so well written. And I love Scrubs, despite usually hating comedies.

{Films} I consider myself a film critic, if an amateur one. My favourite films include Zulu, The Quiet Earth, Lord of the Rings, Cidade de Deus and Amelie. But there are so many more. There are few films I hate. Blair Witch being the one that comes to mind. I also don't like comedies and have gone off action movies for the moment. Films by Tarantino and Kevin Smith are excellent, and I worship the ground these two directors walk upon - or something like that.

{Work} I'm a civil servant. I strive to rid the world's cattle (or at least those in Wales) of TB. I want to be a web developer. But alas it is not meant to be, not now at least. I'm currently contemplating the idea of becoming a Tax Inspector. My work life is currently in a state of flux and I feel this may be an interesting course to take.

{Love} rat is the love of my life, although I'm sure he regrets it.

{Insanity} I'm a crazy, narcissitic, psychotic lunatic. As such I have an experiment going. Please visit my Guestbook... or rather my attempt to get hundreds of comments. If you come here randomly, or not so randomly, comment on this entry and say something random!

Please click here to make me happy!

The WeatherPixie
Memories:265 entries
Interests:33: "", /me, alan rickman, angel, bananas, blogging, buffy, cameron crowe, celebdaq, counting crows, dalnet, dragon, icon design, irc, jewel, journaling, juliet turner, kevin smith, lj styles, movies, music, nickleback, scrubs, sg1, stargate, support, support community, tarantino, tea, ultraviolet, wales, watership down, web design
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