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User:down_swinging (268854)
Location:birmingham, Alabama, United States
AOL IM:take thistime243 (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Bio:"if i would have known just how things would have ended up
i just would have let myself die."
Interests:118: 2gether, 40s-60s clothing, ace ventura, adult swim, alkaline trio, amber romance, ashton kutcher, back street boys, barbies, bathing suits, beaches, beethoven, bethany, biking, billy madison, blonde hair, breakfast club, cats, cave9, cherries, chicago, clearmotive, coldplay, coolhandluke, copeland, crank yankers, daniel bedingfield, dead poetic, denim skirts, dillinger escape plan, dirty dancing, dresses, dvds, eyeliner, fanta, fire, fragglerock, friends, frizzease chicklets, from autumn to ashes, getupkids, glassworks, greese, hott hair, i have dreams, islands, jane eyre, jessica andrews, jesus, jets to brazil, jews, johnny cash, levis, making out, mariah carey, mary-kate and ashley, matches, metalbeds, mexicans, missy elliot baybee, nick wheeler, nikki, norma jean, nsync, oasis, office space, old american dream, p!nk, pedrothelion, peeps, planes mistaken for stars, polka dotts, pools, pretty boys, prettygirlsmakegraves, radiohead, rain, red dragon, red glasses, rhapsody in blue, rockinghorsewinner, samuel barber, sheri, sigur rós, silverstein, smashing pumpkins, snl, sparkly things, stravinsky, strawberries, stripes, styx, taking back sunday, tchaikovsky, teen wolf, teeshirts, the blue lagoon, the family guy, the hives, the jungle, the outsiders, the red chord, the strokes, this day will burn, thrice, thursday, top gun, twothirtyeight, tyght pants, underoath, underwear, war, warm vanilla sugar, watermelon, wesley willis, yellowcard, yellowstone, yourhothotbody
Friends:10: heart_the_dance, hxcfashionshow, indierockcowboy, itsmekara, kayytay, laurabethxx, littlenikkay, rawkinroarinme, strsontheceilng, subdivided_dork
Friend of:9: cantreachlove, cerealtron2000, hxcfashionshow, indierockcowboy, itsmekara, laurabethxx, silent_laughter, unspokenxwords, xkaylax
Member of:1: crush_my_heart
Account type:Free User

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