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Below is information about the "Dover Academy" community. This is a closed community. To become a member you must contact its maintainer. You may leave the community at any time.

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User:doveracademy (1474)  
Name:Dover Academy
Website:Dover Academy
Location:Dover, Vermont, United States
About:Welcome to the Dover Academy & University Admissions Office.

High school students in grades 10-12 are welcome at Dover Academy. Dover strives to provide a high quality education in a boarding school atmosphere. College students are now welcome at the newly opened Dover University.

To be admitted to doveracademy, you must complete the following for your permanent record.

Full name:
Grade Level:
(HS sophomore, junior, senior, UNI freshman, sophomore)

You must then make a background introductory post in your journal so the admissions officers can learn a little more about you.

PLEASE, no suicide storylines. Thank you.

Just a few guidelines

-Please do not join multiple communities with your journal. You'll be removed.
-Post once a week or be removed.
-Please type in proper English.
-Please be active.
-Please out any surveys, quizzes, pictures, etc behind cut-tags for those with slow connections.
-Please do no make IC posts in the community journal.

All OOC posts should be made in ooc.

Although Dover Academy is a coed institution, members of the opposite sex are not allowed in the dormitories after dinner. All coed activity must take place in one of the school's common areas: the Commons Building, the Cafeteria, the Courtyard, the Classrooms, or the Administration Building.

Dover University is a coed university. The dorm buildings are coed, although the dorm rooms are not. Please remember this.

Please refer to the map of the Dover campus below:

Please note: The Admissions Office reserves the right to deny admission to anyone they deem unsuitable for doveracademy.</b>
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