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User:dorkycellist071 (221622)
Location:Florida, United States
AOL IM:whendreamsawake (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Yahoo! ID:XxXTatselXxX (Add User, Send Message)
My name is Meghan and I live in Florida. Music, books, and computers are my life.... Yes... I AM a nerd! I play the cello and I am a very bossy perfectionist. I have a pretty good life and a wonderful family.

I don't talk much. I don't like many people. Most people aren't worth my time.

I AM a very arrogant person and I'm proud of it. People who smoke, drink, or do drugs are below me.... Actually, I think that most people are below me. Only a select few gain my respect. People like Alex and James. Christina and Jaimie. My family. People like that...

I am really into vampires and other mythical creatures.

My all time favorite book is Cry To Heaven by Anne Rice. Tonio and Guido are amazing characters. Most of the time if you'll see me reading a book or writing about something.
Another one of my all time favorite books is The Mists of Avalon.

I'm actually a pretty nice person if you get to know me.... Its always good to have me on your side. *winks*

I adopted a cute lil' July birthstone fetus
from Fetusmart! Hooray fetus!

Interests:43: adagio molto e cantibile, anne rice, arrogance, barbara b. mann, books, computers, cry to heaven, dylan klebold, eric harris, fine art, germany, heritage, intelligent people, ireland, johann sebastian bach, ludwig van beethoven, molto vivace, msi, music, myths and legends, ode to joy, opera, orchestra, philosophy, photography, physics, plays, reading, sarcasm, science, silence, taking walks, the cello, the crow, the london festival orchestra, the viola, thinking about the future, tonio and guido, traveling, vampires, vampirism, world war ii, writing
Friends:9: brn_baby_brn, crappypunk_kids, distorted_eyes, grishnackh, kld_vicious, lonelyteen19, pyrochik44, wolfy_pup, xxsick_grrlxx
Account type:Free User

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