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Below is user information for who luffs ya. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:dorkaykidd (197514)
Name:who luffs ya
Bio:Love doesn't make the world go 'round, it just makes the ride worthwhile.
Interests:103: adam sandler, ae, afi, all american rejects, andy griffith, austin powers, beach music, blink 182, bracelets, britney spears, broadway, buddy holly, can't hardly wait, cherry coke, chinese food, dancing, dawson's creek, diesal boy, dmb, doris day, drama club, empire records, everwood, ferris bueller, finch, flogging molly, folk music, frank sinatra, fried green tomatoes, further seems forever, germany, get over it, get up kids, gin blossoms, god, good charlotte, grateful dead, green day, hair dye, hoodies, hugs, incubus, indie films, inside jokes, james garner, jimmy fallon, joey potter, joshiepoo, judy garland, jump little children, justin, laughing, less than jake, lip balm, lucille ball, moonstruck, movies, musicals, mxpx, nfg, nofx, ohm, okgo, old movie stars, olp, op ivy, pacey whitter, perry como, posters, pretty in pink, quesadilla's, ralph by ralph lauren, rap, romance, rushmore, scary stories, sharpies, shawshank redemption, simple plan, sitcoms, sleep, something corporate, spiffay socks, spongebob, sugarcult, sum 41, summer wind, summertime, the ataris, the beach, the electric slide, the plain white tees, the shag, the vandals, the virgin suicides, tony bennet, trustcompany, tv land, vanilla coke, weatus, weekends, weezer, wsp
Friends:5: emo_kids, icons_, lifeisaxsong, movie_dorks, xxtheatarisxx
Member of:5: emo_kids, icons_, lifeisaxsong, movie_dorks, sandimas
Account type:Early Adopter

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