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Below is user information for ♥LoRi AnN♥. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:dollface03 (306515)
Name:♥LoRi AnN♥
Location:Oak Ridge, Tennessee, United States
Bio:Lori here, just your average chick no hang-ups. Hmm, like any other normal girl I like gettin' dirty with my man and tearin' it up with my girls. :P On another note, I'm really thankful for my blurty because without it I fear I'd lose my mind. lol ;)
Interests:85: 4x4's, 50 cent, 80's music, abercrombie & fitch, animals, ashley, autumn, baseball caps worn backwards, bobby, bubble baths, candles, candy, cherry cokes, chingy, conan, country music, cruising, cuddling, dancing, diamonds, eminem, english bulldogs, express, family, fitness, friends, gatlinburg, guess, holidays, hoobastank, horror flicks, hugging, internet, j-lo, jay leno, julie, kenny chesney, kissing, knoxville, kristy, lavander, linkin park, lotion, louis vuitton, margaritas, memories, menthol cigarettes, mini skirts, moolates, motocross, motorcycles, music, mustangs, nelly, nickelback, nicole richie, old city, oreos, paris hilton, patch, peanut, pictures, pj's, playboy bunnies, qvc, rain, red lobster, red roses, red toenails, sex on the beach, shopping, snow, summertime, sweet pea lotion, sweet tarts, tanning, tennessee, tennessee vols, the 'boro, the jellish house, the old city, thrift stores, tiffany, victorias secret, wild 98.7
Friends:7: allsmilez, angeleyez18, bassbeanz, coconut_kisses, odd_lil_gal, sweetness04, xxpaper_dollxx
Friend of:10: allsmilez, angeleyez18, bassbeanz, cherry_blaze18, coconut_kisses, just_a_grrl, just_peachy18, sweetness04, sweet_dreams18, xxpaper_dollxx
Member of:1: _paris_qlamour_
Account type:Free User

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