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User:dogmouth (96008)
Location:Chicago, Illinois, United States
AOL IM:trentREVOLUTION (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Yahoo! ID:trenton_lockmon (Add User, Send Message)
Bio:I'm Trent. I'm a 21 year old kid from Chicago. I'm one of those dirty radicals you see making out at parties with other various dirty radicals in between sentences about anarchy, sex, and love.

I'm a female-bodied person who wants a functioning cock. Penises are so underrated. I don't really have a gender, I'm too busy having fun.

I'm getting in therapy soon for depression and for being trans in 2003. They say they can write me a letter for T which I might or might not want. How nice of them.

I am in love with my primary and currently crazy about a couple of other kids. Polyamory makes the world beautiful, you should try it sometime.

So addition says that polyamorous + radical + fat positive + sex positive + pansexual + trans + good kisser = me. Wanna make out?

My bio is crazy. Be my friend and see how crazy my journal is. ;)
Interests:140: activism, age play, alcohol, alternative lifestyles, analyzing, andro, androgyne, art, bdsm, being in love, being myself, bisexuality, bisexuals, bodies, book arts, books, bottoming, boys, breaking gender stereotypes, brothers, chicago, comfortable spaces, crafts, creativity, crushes, cuddling, daddies, daddy/boi, daddy/boy, depression, diy, domination, drag, drag kings, drugs, emo, emotions, equal rights, erotica, ethical sluts, exhibitionism, fags, fat positive, fat positivity, feminism, fetishes, flaming, food, friends, ftm, ftx, fucking, gender, gender theory, genderqueer, girls, glbtiq, group sex, harry potter, harry potter slash, homos, homosexuality, human rights, identity, incongruency, individuality, inspiration, intelligence, intersex, kamika, kissing, late nights, liberal, love, making my own labels, making out, masturbation, mental illness, mo's haircuts, mtf, music, nonconformism, not being so shy, not giving in, nsync slash, obsessing, old style, pansexuality, pansexuals, people watching, petco, photography, poetry, poly, polyamory, pornography, prose, psychology, queer films, queer issues, queer music, queer parties, queer politics, queer theory, queers, radical sex, radicals, reading, revolution, road trips, roleplay, romance, scenes, scoops, self injury, sex, sex positive, sex positivity, sex toys, sexuality, sluts, social anxiety disorder, submission, suicide, switch hitting, thinking too much, thrift stores, topping, trans issues, trans politics, transgender, transsensual, transsexual, true self, unpatriotism, vintage clothes, whores, writing, wyatt’s photography, zines
Friends:10: daddywolf, dykestar, entitything, ftm, genderqueer, lesbodojo, ravenscry, stephenengl, switchitter, whozthatboi
Account type:Early Adopter

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