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Below is user information for XeRo F0rt3 / Ky0K1. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:djkurt (54147)
Name:XeRo F0rt3 / Ky0K1 - DJ Kurt
Location:Ashburn, Virginia, United States
AOL IM:XeRo f 0 r t e (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Bio:Hey all. My name is Kurt Wolfgang, I go by the name DJ Kurt or King Galaga, or even Xero Forte or Kyoki. I am a disk jockey for Spin City Productions. I play guitar, bass, keyboard, and am a turntablist. I write my own music and produce my own music on my computer. I set up a little recording studio in my basement which I record all my music and upload it on my website. like all kinds of music from hard rock to jazz fusion. I especially like industrial, country, new wave, ad trance.
Interests:90: aim, alan jackson, alternative, amir derakh, aol, astral projection, bands, bass, black, blake shelton, bluegrass, bobby hewitt, brooks & dunn, bt, buffy, cds, chat, club, clubs, cold, computers, country, deftones, dj, dj micro, dj voodoo, djing, downloading, dvds, ecstasy, electronics, etc., galaga, gemini, godzilla, good times, guitar, hanging out, house, independent, industrial, internet, jay gordon, kazaa, kenny chesney, kill hannah, lacy chabert, local bands, local music, ludacris, macgear, marijuana, micro, mixer, movies, music, nelly, nintendo, nirvana, numark, orgy, outkast, paige haley, pioneer, playstation, punk, rascal flatts, rave, raves, ryan shuck, saerra, sarah, sarah michelle gellar, selma hyack, shakira, ska, skateboard, smashing pumpkins, smg, sony, toby keith, trance, tupac, turntables, video games, voodoo & serano, weezer, white, white pants, yellow
Friends:17: blondegiggle87, burtaciouskay, disk_jockeys, drugfreaks, fivexfive, jacxit, kill_hannah, mallory56, mrskaty, mz_kitty, secretlybleedin, sexymofo41, shannon_bananon, spaceghost, teenageriot_x, wankoi523, weedaholic
Friend of:5: burtaciouskay, fivexfive, mallory56, mz_kitty, wankoi523
Member of:3: disk_jockeys, drugfreaks, kill_hannah
Account type:Early Adopter

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