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Below is user information for The Life of a Wannabe-Diva. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:divajewel (207169)
Name: The Life of a Wannabe-Diva
Location:Greeneville, Tennessee, United States
Interests:143: amy dumas, anne rice vampires, aqua, arthur weasley, baby blue, bill weasley, black paper, blackwood farm, body glitter, book of days, books, brotherhood of the wolf, cam, charlie weasley, clinique, cosmetics, cosmopolitan, cover girl, creepy thin man, denim, diamonds, diva, divaness, divas, dixie chicks, drew barrymore, edge, elves, elvish, enya, estee lauder, evanescence, ever after, ewan mcgregor, fairy tales, fanfiction, feather pens, feathers, forge, fred weasley, gabrielle, gambit/jubilee, gel pens, george weasley, ghost stories, ginger spice, ginny potter, ginny weasley, glamour, glass slippers, glow-in-the-dark stars, grace, grace woman, gred, gred and forge, gregory helms, harry potter, horror movies, interview with the vampire, jedi, jedi knights, jedi masters, jeff hardy, jesse reeves, jessica reeves, jewelry, joxer, juicy tubes, knights, leo, lestat, lestat de lioncourt, lip gloss, lita, liv tyler, lucy lawless, magnetic poetry, magpo, make-up, marty stus, mary sues, melanie c, mint green, molly weasley, movie soundtracks, mulan, new orleans, nicole kidman, opals, pictures, pink, purple denim, queen of the damned, quinn blackwood, reading, red hair, remus lupin, remy/jubilee, renee o'connor, ron weasley, savage garden, shane helms, shawn michaels, spice girls, spice world, stuart townsend, sugar shane helms, t shirts, t-shirts, t.a.t.u., tarquinn blackwood, tatu, teddy bears, tee shirts, tee-shirts, tennessee titans, the 13 ghosts, the angry princess, the bell witch, the blair witch, the bound woman, the donnas, the hardy boyz, the hurricane, the thir13en ghosts, the torn prince, the vampire lestat, vampires, virginia weasley, wal-mart, walmart, webcam, webcamming, werewolves, white gold, willow, writing, wwe, wwf, x-men movie, xander, xena, xena soundtracks
Friends:2: marysues, news
Account type:Free User

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