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Below is user information for Welcome to *Erica*. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:ditsy_mall_rat (188335)
Name:Welcome to *Erica*
Interests:127: 20 yr olds, 50 cent, 6 flags, 99's, abercrombie kids, abercrombie&fitch, all american rejects, ashton kutcher, bacardi, bam margera, being a vegetarian, being random, being stalked, bill, blink182, bowling for soup, brendon, brian, brian mcfay-fay, bry bry, bry's cousin, california, canada, chattin, cheese kid, chevelle, chuck, colin hanks, corey, damien, dan, dani, dave, dick, dmx, drakkar, drinkin, driving school, dude where's my car, faded, france, fried shrooms, friends, fruits, gideon yago, guys boxers, hampton beach, hats, hello kitty, hugging people, ice cream, jackass, jason biggs, jerry, jimmy eat world, jimmy fallon, journeys, laura, lemonade boy, lil kim, lisa, lit, lizzie mcguire movie, loveline, mark mcgrath, maroon5, matt martin, matt martins children, mikse hard lemonade, movies, music, mxpx, never bein' at home, new found glory, nick, nipple rings, nofx, ocracoke island, older men, orange county, orlando bloom, owen, pac sun, parties, pat, pictures, piercings, pierre, r. kelly, robert, saying fuck, seann william scott, seb, sev, sex fest '03, sexyness, shibby, shirley temples, shopping, shrooms in general, sitting here, skiing, skippin school, skyy, slaking off, smoking, sneaking out, snl, soul decision, stacy, staying up till 6, stiffler, strawberries, subway, sum41, summer, sunsets, swimming, taking pics, tanning, tattoos, the ataris, tim, trapt, vanilla ice, walking around town, watching ddr
Friends:7: a_reflection, emokid4ever, hellslilcutie, onemoremokid, one_slow_dancex, pixiestix, star_the_night
Friend of:8: a_reflection, emokid4ever, hellslilcutie, nobflasher, onemoremokid, one_slow_dancex, pixiestix, star_the_night
Account type:Early Adopter

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