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Below is information about the "fuck it" community. This an open-membership community. To join, click here. You may leave the community at any time.

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User:disorders (9853)
Name:fuck it
About:this community is for people who have some type of disorder.. either you've been diagnosed or not.


..just please don't be rude.

community maintainer = forget_my_face.
Interests:99: abuse, adderall, adhd, alcoholism, amphetamines, anger, anorexia, antisocial, anxiety disorder, bipolar, bipolar disorder, blood, borderline personality disorder, bulimic, burning, crying, cuts, cutting, death, depression, disorders, drug abuse, drugs, eating disorders, emotional abuse, escape, fights, fire, freedom, hate, hating, help, hot wax, insanity, insomnia, kleptomania, knives, lonely, love, mania, manic depression, mental abuse, mental facilities, mental hospitals, music, mutilation, narcolepsy, needles, not eating, obsessive-compulsive disorder, ocd, overeating, pain, panic, panic attacks, parents, paxil, physical abuse, piercings, pills, pins, poetry, post-traumatic stress disorder, prozac, psychology, ptsd, punching, rape, razorblades, razors, rehab, ritalin, sad, sadness, safety pins, scabs, scared, scarification, scars, schizophrenia, self harm, self-abuse, self-expression, self-hate, si, smoke, smoking, social phobias, society, suicidal, suicide, talking, tears, teens, thoughts, tourettes, venting, writing, zoloft
Members:199: 0801, ace10, addict77, aettrynecyssan, ainslee, all_i_want, almostxdead, anas_s0ng, angelhag, angered_fairy, antigott, ashzilla, atrophy, badkittykat, benjis_eyeliner, bisou, blackxlabel, black_lipgloss, bleedxxinnocent, blind_prayer, blondiemania, brieus, brokenenvelopes, candyxflesh, cantalwayshide, catgut, celestialshit, celticmoon, ceramicsalmon, cloudylemonade, comfortmarie, compulsive14, crazycheryl, crucified, cuntie, cutxintobeauty, darkasdeath, darkcreature, darkestnight, dark_love, dead_to_you6, dearest, decayandjinx, deceased_angel, delphic110, deranged, dinguerie, dj_drowning, dont_save_me, drawthelin_e, drkredduckie, eatingpeanuts, emergency_, eyes_of_fire, eye_liiner, fading_awaymegs, faking, fallenxtooxdeep, ferazhins_tears, fixedzero, forget_december, forget_my_face, funkyrunt, furbiesareevil, glitterpimpcess, gothicpunk2000, greatestescapis, grotesque_grace, hookerwaitress, hopeless_tears, hopeyouchoke, human_error, hurting_inside, im_jimmy_pop, insaneprincess, internal, jamie_adhd, jeezus_h_christ, justagirl911, justan0thergirl, kaylan_asylum, kirkegard, kittykat, l0standf0und, l0ving_p0ntius, lacey18, laursquared, lesleydw, level27girl, liddl_stephix0, lil_gurl_lafter, lostsoul754, lustforblood, lyrica, maryjayne769, masterpissant, medprincess, melstl, midnitestar, ministock_gurl, mixedupgirl05, mrs_mallow07, muzikjunky, myladylazarus, mysticmoon, nebin, neekoh, nixi, nniikkkkii, nobodylistens, noxlifex, numberonemom, obscuredthought, opheliaxdoll, peach_sunrise, penguin_slut, prefectlyflawed, prettyinpinkx, problemchild, protector, psychotica_, punk_as_fuck, purtyburdygirl, putyourhearton, queen_nikki, rabbitrun, rabidbunny, rawkmyworld, rena_is_me, reverend_dewald, ripeorrotting, rockprincess, rottenthing, ruby_soho, sabotai, saferthanheaven, saving_myself, scottdog, self__destruct, serax, serpentine_kiss, sesso, shanny32, shatter, shawnna1977us, sheepy, silentconfessor, silentrebel, simple_stars, skateb0ard, slashed_angel, slayergirl, slitinginches, somthinintheway, sophistication, spacedoggy, specialme43, spookyloser, starascent, stolensoul, suckmygirldick, suicidal_sanity, suicideparty, suicide_cuts, suicide__kitten, svveets, sweetcorruption, sweetlittlelie, taliszanna, tarotreader1, taxiride, the_hellcat, thinkingone, thrrnvwlsnths, toxictear313, tragic_enigma, trench_mouth, trepidation, unfo0lish, unholyeyes, violence, virginalslut, wakeuphate, wastedbeauty, whataloser, wickedkitty, x22, xosexyxthangox, xpinupxgirlx, xprincesatanx, xtrancegoddessx, xxstrangegrrlxx, x_concealer_x, x_unknown, yinrycher, _candystars, _mike_, _moon_river, __stitches
Watched by:91: ainslee, almostxdead, antigott, arachnathea, atrophy, benjis_eyeliner, bisou, black_lipgloss, bleedxxinnocent, blondiemania, bloodonpaper, candyxflesh, celestialshit, celticmoon, cloudylemonade, comfortmarie, compulsive14, crazycheryl, cuntie, darkasdeath, darkcreature, darkness_fails, decayandjinx, dj_drowning, dont_save_me, drkredduckie, emergency_, eyes_of_fire, fading_awaymegs, ferazhins_tears, finding_herself, funkyrunt, glitterpimpcess, greatestescapis, im_jimmy_pop, insaneprincess, justan0thergirl, kirkegard, kittykat, lesleydw, lil_gurl_lafter, lonely_icicles, lustforblood, lyrica, m0ng0l0id, maryjayne769, medprincess, melstl, midnitestar, mike_, ministock_gurl, mrs_mallow07, myladylazarus, mysticmoon, nebin, nixi, nobodylistens, orangepeel, peach_sunrise, prettyinpinkx, problemchild, psychotica_, rawkmyworld, rebldomakr666, roses_diary, rotten, ruby_soho, sesso, silentconfessor, slashed_angel, slayergirl, slitinginches, somthinintheway, sophistication, sparklesobland, starascent, suckmygirldick, sweetcorruption, tarotreader1, tragic_enigma, trepidation, violent_vixen, virginalslut, wakeuphate, whataloser, xcut2deathx, xnot_cured_mexx, xosexyxthangox, xpinupxgirlx, _mike_, __stitches
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