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User:dirtyground (131084)
Website:Last - Nite
Bio:I'm just another liar...

My journal is my secret and dark room where
I would like to write about myself in more literal terms, but that seems very difficult right now. If you would like to know more about me and my day to day life, please read my journal.

Please note that this is where I write about my feelings and shit, and I don't want anyone to fuck with them.
Memories:9 entries
Interests:99: amy, autumn, ballad, ballet, barely legal, being weird, black, book, book worm, books, bookstores, chew, chinese, coldplay, crying, dark, death, depression, eating disorder, emotion, english literature, essay, explanation, eyeliner, fiction, french, girls, good music, goth, guitar, hard to explain, hatred, heart, hiroko, idea, ideas, imagination, interest, jewel kilcher, joni mitchell, journal, julian casablancas, kissing, kurt cobain, languages, last nite, letters, life, lips, loneliness, love, lyrics, moving forward, mp3s, multilingual, namie, namie amuro, new york, nonfiction, outcast, photography, poem, poems, poetry, progressive education, prose, punk rock, radical feminism, reading, ring, secret, singing in the bathroom, smile, someday, songs, speed, staying challenged, stories, story, stupidity, style, taiwanese, thai, the face, the strokes, the vines, the whitestripes, the yeah yeah yeahs, thought, tori amos, typewriters, underground, vintage, walking, warm weather, web design, weblog, write, writing
Friends:18: asiangeneration, cyanidespizzles, c_minor, dirtyground, explodewithyou, inherprime, jenns, miel, oneiscompany, scarsontheego, sixtornwings, tatathepinkyolk, thestrokes, wong_pui, writing, yvonnew, _berlin, _vintage
Friend of:15: c_minor, dirtyground, explodewithyou, fucking_beauty, i_heart_nitrous, jenns, miel, ohsodull, oneiscompany, scarsontheego, sharperstronger, sixtornwings, wong_pui, _berlin, _vintage
Member of:2: thestrokes, writing
Account type:Early Adopter

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