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Below is user information for Buttercup. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:dirty_dancing (234113)
Website:I am a Silly Girl
AOL IM:ximpersonaiity (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Grr Arrgh

THIS JOURNAL IS FRIENDS ONLY. Comment to an open post to be added ;D Thanks. -- mary
Interests:123: adam busch, adam rodriguez, alex, alyson hannigan, amber benson, american idol, american pie, amy deluca, andrew, angel, angelus, anthony stewart head, apollo 13, ashton kutcher, austin powers, avril lavigne, baby houseman, black balloons, brendan fehr, btvs, bubba, buffy, buffy the vampire slayer, california, cast away, colin hanks, crashdown cafe, cruel intentions, csi:miami, danny strong, david boreanaz, dawn, diane farr, dirty dancing, emilie de ravin, faith, fear factor, forrest gump, geeks, giles, hasta la vista trip, hellmouth, hollywood, isabel, james marsters, jason behr, jenna, jesse ramirez, jim valenti, joey, john rzeznik, johnny castle, jonathon, joss whedon, kat, katherine heigl, kelly osbourne, kyle, las vegas, let go, liz, london, lorne, lornettes, made, magick, majandra delfino, mambo, marc blucas, maria, max, michael, michelle trachtenburg, mike malinin, mister sterling, monika, nicholas brendon, nick wechsler, old skool, oscars, oz, patrick swayze, philidelphia, pink, punk'd, reese witherspoon, rent, riley, ripper, rob takac, roswell, ryan, ryan philippe, ryan seacrest, sarah michelle gellar, scooby gang, seann william scott, shiri appleby, slayerettes, slaying, snl, souls, spells, spike, spuffy, sunnydale high, survivor, tara, tess, that thing you do!, the first evil, the osbournes, the troika, tom hanks, tom lenk, uc sunnydale, ufos, vampires, warren, we are gods!, william sadler, willow, xander
Friends:11: black_orchids, brendan_fehr, devious_truth, dirty_dancing, ice_queen, icon_requests, moonstar, outlaw_torn, spaceboy, starlitxkiss, tess_harding
Friend of:6: black_orchids, chloe_s, dirty_dancing, ice_queen, starlitxkiss, tess_harding
Member of:9: blank_page, buffy_fans, journaldesigns, lost_letter, maryland, men_suck, raving_rants, roswell_icons, styles
Account type:Free User

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