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Below is user information for d i r r t y _ b l 0 n d e. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:dirrty_bl0nde (109506)
Name:d i r r t y _ b l 0 n d e

[x]loc//sin city>las vegas,nv for all u slow ppl
[x]hair//blonde w. black
[x]i stand//5'5
[x]boi//i love chad
[x]bf4e//ek at jc sg
[x]piercings//belly eyebrow tounge at da end of the month nose soon :) and prolly nipples when i get da balls
[x]tats//gettin that next month my bday present frum chad<33


bio n such
i get board easily with the appearance of things ex: my hair makeup journal bedroom font.. that kinda stuff. thats just a weird lil thing of mine. although i HATE when things change between people. i love to party. 'i dont discriminate i hate everyone' thats true to some extent i dont like people because theyre rude although im pretty much always nice to people if ur not an asshole. but i dont usually approach ppl i dont know. hmm i love chad. i have a best friend named erin. ummm. i love slipknot & xtina.. i love slipknot more :x i have a black lab named lars :) and yes im bi. but not cuz its the cool thing to do or wutever. cuz im attracted to both sexes. although i favor guys. i dont like chick relationships at all. umm. anything else??...ask.

{i would put likes but i already did that in interests ;) }
[x]being away from chad
[x]stupid bitches/girls
[x]'punkers'/punk music
[x]not having my mustang
[x]my slow computer
[x]fake people/liars

my journal
well yea its freinds only. cuz i dont want everyone reading it. cuz i have shit going on that some people shouldnt know about. not anything like drugs n shit. cuz i dont do them ;) but like sex and hating certian people like kim bates. hah! hmm so yea .. juss add me and i will be more than happy to add ya back xoxo

Memories:1 entry
Interests:34: 151, abercrombie & fitch, beer, black nail polish, blankets, boobs, boots, chad, christina aguilera, cloths, concerts, corey taylor, crowd surfing, eminem, fighting, hollister, kick boxing, listening to music, love dancing, mustangs, partying, piercings, pillows, rollercoasters, sex, skateboards, sleep, sleeping, slipknot, spikes, tats, trucks, vodka, wicca
Friends:19: blondexbaybe, crazibeba, crazione, cynthia, d0nt_judge_me, d1tzy, delixiouz, fakexsmiles, fxckedthoughtz, lonsome, mistak, nawti_ashumz, nessababy78, sexxx_hair, sxyangel702, taylormarie, thisisdisconect, xobabybrownox, _kc_
Friend of:13: crazibeba, crazione, d1tzy, fxckedthoughtz, lonsome, mistak, nawti_ashumz, sexxx_hair, sxyangel702, taylormarie, thisisdisconect, tired_of_smilin, _kc_
Account type:Early Adopter

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