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User:dinothundergal (756058)
Location:Reefside, California, United States
Bio:Basic Informaton

Full name: Christine Paige Peterson

Nickname: Christie, Doc P, Paige

Age: 25

Height: 5'5

Weight: 130lbs

Eyes: Brown, sometimes green or purple (Non-prescription contacts)

Hair: Brown with blonde streaks

Dig outfit: Purple colored shirts or tanks tops, beige or black cargo pants, black army hiking boots
. In general: Any form of purple or earthy colors, sneakers
. Accesories: Sports watch that she dons on her left wrist, purple gem bracelet placed in a thick black band which is worn on her right wrist

Brief history: Became an archaeologist in Europe, partners in archaeology with her fiancee Dan Tyrone, had a falling out (he cheated on her with her 'best' friend) and moved to Reefside after hearing about the destruction of Mercer Industries. Knowing Tommy's in the area and that he was involved with Anton Mercer, she seeks him out.

She possesses a power inside of her that, when released, takes the form of purple light. The gem on her bracelet glows bright whenever she's going to use that power.

Christie is extremely athletic, likes to play soccer and basketball. She practices Tae Kwon Do on the side... this aids her in battles or in tournaments that she competes in yearly.

She teaches archaeology and paleontology at Reefside High -sometimes fills in for Tommy if she's needed. She also takes the students from Reefside High and the local university to digs at abandoned sites.
Interests:37: adam, ancient greece, ancient rome, archaeology, australia, basketball, cassidy, celtic religion, conner, devon, dig sites, ethan, europe, film festivals, films, football, hayley, kira, mythology, new york jets, new zealand, palentology, poetry, reading, scripts, soccer, stargate atlantis, stargate sg-1, tae kwon do, teaching, television, the celts, tommy, traveling, trent, wales, writing
Friends:3: cyberspace_mama, d_thunder_realm, _spitfire
Friend of:3: cyberspace_mama, dino_doctor, _spitfire
Member of:1: d_thunder_realm
Account type:Free User

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