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User:dinguerie (862743)
Name:Lila's Lies to Herself
Website:New Music
Location:New York, United States
Bio:CAST OF CHARACTERS: (friends and family I mention)

Me, Lila, 21, student, taken, British, epileptic and anemic. Eating disorder, loner, depression, I have a genetic disease affecting my nervous system. I have lived in New York since I was tiny. My family moved here shortly after my auntie married her American husband. More on me to come.
I'm called Lie or Berry. Don't ask

Libby really isn't in the picture. We see her for holidays and she writes letters and sends photos of her latest trip with her latest boyfriend. She's very intelligent and successful in her work - art and design. It allows her freedom which she thrives on. She's bipolar and my parents were over-protective when they moved to the states.

My Mum and are are close but we get on like sisters. One minute best friends the next, shouting. She thinks i'm incapable of caring for even myself and her every word reminds me how dependent i'm forced to be. she knows how to make it hurt.

My Father is definitely laid back, but is VERY short-tempered and very religious. He's Mormon. He has to be right and he's the boss. He can call you something cruel, but you can't do so in return. A man rules the household. He can be judgemental, but I think he knows I mean well for the most part. He's trying to make up for some "history" we have and failing at it.

My parent's had a Temple wedding and we were raised in the church, but I'm just not in the mood for morals at this point in my life. I can handle that all on my own just fine.

Nate is very into himself. Quite selfish and doesn't spend a penny unless it's on Cherie. Doesn't get on with Dad at all. It's come to physical fighting after Dad broke down my bedroom door a few years back. He did it more to show he's a man than to help me. He's confused on the God topic, but calls himself LDS.

Mum - Fiona
Dad - Sam (Soloman)
Quinn, 25, boyfriend, too nice for his own good
April, 24, closest friend, lives in another state
Nathaniel - 30, brother. I live between his place and my parent's.
Cherie - 27, Nate's fiancee. petite little thing
Libby - 24, sister. bipolar, sweet but eccentric. Lives in London, art student.
Delilah - 46, my aunt. very close to her. married. 2 children. I'm named after her.
Susanne - 50s, therapist
Mary - 21, Old friend. bi, carries bacardi on her all of the time
Tom - 21, another old friend. Mary and Tom are often spotted together
Drew - 26, single, ex. 3 months. still wants to hang out with me
Frank - 29, married to Donna, flirty to say the least
Tony - 21, life-long friend, student

Quinn's Family & Friends:
Chris - 22, close friend and co-worker.
Caitlyn, 24, Chris' girlfriend
Jack - 20, brother
Kristin - 18, Jack's wife
Jade - 16, sister
Kelly - 30, Wife is Emma, son Joshua
Rob - 30, single, loner, a nice nerd
Brian - 31, enagaged to Jenny. I despise them

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Are you Male or Female?female
How Old Are you?legal
How tall are you?5'4"
How much do you weigh?fat! about 55kg
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How is your hair?short and wavy
Are you Heterosexual/Homosexual/Bisexual/Bi-Curious?hetero
Have you had Sex? Do you like it?only with one person, quinn and it is incredible
How many people have you had sex with?..Yes oral counts!oral on me. i was forced to perform it once.
When was the first time you did it?less than a yr ago
When was the last time you did it?2 wks ago
Do you like to give oral?it's ok
Swallow or spit?spit
Have you ever received oral while driving?no
Have you ever given oral while someone was driving?yes
Do you like porn?not really
How many porn movies do you own?none
What is your favorite position?him on top my legs up and around his back
Whats the craziest postition you have tried?facing away and top i guess
Whats the craziest/kinkiest thing you have done sexually?anal... i admit it. i am 100% honest in this blurty!
Have you ever tried anything with someone of the same sex?if so what?nothing
Would you or have you ever have sex with more than one person at the same tno. it's an intimate act of love.. or passion
Have you ever had sex outside?i'd like to
Have you ever had sex in a car?just oral
Have you ever had sex at work?no
Where is the craziest place you have had sex?Quinn's parents house. we snuck around at night
Name a place you would love to have sex but havent the woods
Best place in public that you have done it?nowhere
Have you ever been caught having sex?no
Have you tried anal?If so do you like it?yes.. it hurts but i like it if i'm turned on enough. it pleases him
Is there someone that you want as your significant other?no way
If you had one,Would you ever have sex with someone other then your signifino
Have you ever been caught cheating?NO WAY
Have you had phone sex?If so do you like it?yes. hard to hold the phone and rub properly but it's hot. never did it with Quinny
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Ever played with food, ice or veggies?? if so what?ice and body shots
Would you do a virgin?i don't plan on being with anyone else. yes, i'm boring
Have you done a virgin?no
Do you like to pull hair?he doesn't like rough but sometimes it's a turn=on for me. not always
Do you like to bite?yes!
Do you like to spank or be spanked?not really
Do you like rough sex?not too rough
Do you like to involve sex toys when you have sex?yes. i really would like to
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Do you like to be called names when having sex?if so what?no
How loud do you get when having sex?i'm very quiet
Are you a moaner?not really
What are your fetishes?n/a but i've been handcuffed
Do you like anything done to your nipples? If so what?i don't have much sensation in my nipples
Do you like to suck or lick..and where?neck
Are you submissive or Dominant?submissive. he doesn't like being submissive
Are you into s & m or bondage?not really
Have you ever been tied up? if so did u like it?handcuffed. eh, not particularly
Have you ever been handcuffed? sexually not arresting!see above
Have you ever choked or been choked. If so do you like it?when i was attacked. not strongly though. just to shut me up
How often do you masturbate?i have very little sex drive on my own
When you Masterbate what do you use?just my fingers on my clit
Have you ever 69'ed?yes. i don't like it
Fill in the blank... ORGASMS ARE _____________.amazing
Would u ever want to experience sex as the opposite gender?i'd liek to know how it feels for blokes
What type of animal would best describe you while making love/ having sex/wildcat
Make Love of Fuck?make love but i ask him to fuck me. he seems to like when i ask him to
Have you ever given someone a strip show?yes
Have you ever given someone a Lapdance?yes, drew
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List one of you have him lick his own cum out of me
Have you had sex in a REALLY public a club, bar, etc?if so wheno
Have you ever tried Golden Showers?, if so, what thoughts cross your mind weww... no
Have you ever gone on webcam and done anything naughty?If so what?no!
What's you're signature seduction tactic?pushing him on the bed the moment we walk in the door
What is the furthest you go on a first date?i have received oral.. quinn
Have you ever had sex on a first date?no, second though! i'm such a whore
Ever have a One Night Stand?no
What do you usually Wear to bed?nothing sexy
What are you wearing right now?and under your clothes?just a t-shirt and boxers
If you could Have sex with someone from the past, who would that be and whyno one
If you had to choose one word to describe your sexual personality, what wouhot and cold. i went weeks faking orgasm even though he pleases me everytime he spends the time on my clit
If you were to do a 3some, would it be 2 guys or 2 girls?i wouldn't. it just doesn't interest me
Ever have sex with someone but actually be thinking about someone else?no
What kind of marks do you leave on your significant otherstratch marks
Do you have nicknames for your Private parts?If so what are they?pussy and clit
Do you have any Piercings or Tats? If so what and where?my auntie is jewish so tatt's are "wrong" but i have a little on on my lower back
Do you shave or wax?If so where?shave most of my pubic hair, legs, underarms
What makes you horny?dirty talk

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