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User:dingees (44451)
Website:Miss Fortune
Location:Leesburg, Virginia, United States
AOL IM:DiZzYGrL05 (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Yahoo! ID:MalloryHasAVagina (Add User, Send Message)
___ Mallory:; @!*

I just moved here to little Leesburg , Virginia from Orlando, Florida about 4 1/2 months ago. Yeah, a big difference. I miss Florida a lot, I lived there my whole life. Floridians are cooler than Virginians, thats all I can say haha. I made some AWESOME friends up here though, like Lauren , Tony, Chad, Zack, Isabella and Sabrina & Chelsea! you guys are my homies for life. Yeah there are a lot more, but they just aren't cool enough to hang out with me EVERY FRIGGIN WEEKEND! I was born on March 11th, in Jacksonville Florida. I have two sisters, and a mom and a dad. I go to Heritage High School, and well it's pretty shitty. A lot of girls don't like me here for some reason.. umm yeah (THEY JUZ JEALOUZ!) Most people label me as a ' prep ' by the way I dress. FUCKERS! once you get to know me, you will change your little minds. All my friends change because of me, they are all now more ' punkish '. I guess I'm a role model or something, who knows. I'm kind of a ' weirdo ' people say. I say a lot of random things and I have a very strange sense of humor, I'm kind of the ' comedian ' of the group. I feel I don't have to wear a certain type of clothing to be a kind of person. I do what I want and I don't care what people think.I have low self confidence and I'm moody.

___ ;:Likes:; @!#

I like hot sauce a lot. I always try to find new ways to use it. One time i used it as a face exfoliator. It works better as a topping on bagels though. I like inventing things of my own because it makes me feel pretty. I like boiled peanuts, movies, and slobbering. I like B.O toaster riots.

___ ;:Dis-likes:; @!#

Alright I hate all the girls who wear those little mini backpacks to the mall and think they are so cool, or the girls that wear the socks on their arms or the ties just like AVRIL. I hate buttcheese gothic people that just want attention so they try to act all moody and depressed and shit, get over it. I hate white trash, wiggers, girls that think they are pretty when they aren't, ugly girls (if you don't know your ugly, I will let you know), people that are mean to the nerds ( i feel for ya guys), the new punk era. I hate LABELS!! those are just a few things i hate.

___ ;:Music:; *@#

Bands I Love: SENSES FAIL, allister, ataris, atreyu, bad astronaut, AFI, bikini kill,bright eyes, cky, counterfit, deftones, diecast, disturbed, dry cell, eighteen visions, fenix tx, finch, from autumn to ashes, foo fighters, greenday, guttermouth, hatebreed, hey mercedes, incubus, j.e.w, jack off jill, jimmy eat world, kittie, lagwagon, less than jake, midtown, mxpx, my ruin, nine inch nails, nirvana, nofx, old blink 182, plain white t's, rancid, rufio, saves the day, sewing with nancie, the exies, static lullaby,sublime, sum41, system of a down, taking back sunday, taproot, the all american rejects, the casualties, the dingees, the distillers, Midpoint, the early november, the get up kids, the movielife, the used, the virus, faucet, thursday, trapt, tsunami bomb, weezer , yellow card , the ramones, everyone but jeremy

___ ;:Love Life:; !#$

I'm currently going out with Tony. He'll be seventeen in May. We started going out on October 26, 2002, the day after Homecoming. The first time I saw him i was all like ' lemme holla atchu ' but he had a girlfriend at the time sadly. I guess it works out great because my best friend ' Lauren ' is going out with Tony's best friend ' Zack ' so we all can hang out like a big happy family;!

___ ;:Contact:; !#^

My AOL screen name I'm usually on is ' DiZzYGrL05. I occasionally go on ' Girl is pimp ' M a 1 i e ' or ' UH EMO '

___ ;:Pictures:; *#!

___ ;:Lyrics:; %$#

All the heartache all the pain
All the words you said in vain
And I'll never be the same

I should have known that you
were a killer. But now I'm dead.

and will you tell all your friends
youve got your gun to my head?

just think of this and me
as just a few of many things
to lie around
to clutter up your shelves
and i wish you weren't worth the wait
because there's some thing's
i'd like to say to you

Your majesty we already know
Just who you are
High school's over now
And you no longer wear your crown

Every time you're gone
I'll be waiting for you
When you need someone
I'll be here for you
Each and every day
When you see my face
You'll know I'm everything you need

i'll tear my heart out before i get out.
pink ribbon scars that never forget,
i tried so hard to cleanse these regrets.
my angel wings were bruised and restrained.
my belly stings.

With This Gun In My Mouth.. Goodnight My Love

Interests:145: abandoned buildings, afi, allister, andrew w.k., ataris, atreyu, bad astronaut, beanies, bikini kill, birthdays, blood, bright eyes, cherry slurpees, chicken wings, christina aguilera, chubby old people, cky, colors, counterfit, dead people, death, deftones, diecast, dinos, disturbed, dry cell, easy mac, eating, eighteen visions, emo, emotional, everyone but jeremy, faucet, fenix tx, finch, florida, foo fighters, from autumn to ashes, fruitloops, gatorade, ghosts, greenday, guttermouth, hatebreed, hey mercedes, hip-hop dance, hoodies, hugs, hurting, i'm sorry i'm leaving, i-hop, incubus, j.e.w, jack off jill, jackass, jacuzzis, jimmy eat world, kissing, kittie, knives, lagwagon, less than jake, local h, loud jams, making videos, midpoint, midtown, mudvayne, mullets, mxpx, my ruin, mysteries, nine inch nails, nirvana, nofx, ocean, old blink 182, onions, orange soda, orlando, pain, panty hose, paradise, peircings, plain white t's, playing doctor, pranks, presents, punks, rain, rancid, relationships, rufio, sand, saves the day, scabs, scars, scotch tape, sewing with nancie, shopping, skaters, spring break, static lullaby, straight edge guys, strobelights, sublime, sugarcult, suicide notes, suicides, sum41, sunshine, sweatpants, sympathy, system of a down, taking back sunday, taproot, taxis, the all american rejects, the casualties, the dingees, the distillers, the donnas, the early november, the get up kids, the movielife, the ramones, the rejects, the used, the virus, thrift stores, thursday, tony, trapt, tsunami bomb, urban, vacations, veins, walking, water, weasels, weezer, winn dixie, x, xxx, yellow card
Friends:34: 413, americanxreject, anti_avril, anti_trend, black_kitty, brknhrtresistor, emolyrics, emo_kids, exploding_heart, eyes_to_the_sky, fans_of_xtina_, femaleboobs, headbanger, holdmeclose, icons_4_u, iloveska, isavetheday, i_smell, mangled_dolly, masturbating, piink_th0ngz, punkettes__, sevenatenine, skanky_, slc_punk, stripeswitplaid, the_sex_pistols, tsunamibomb, wankoi523, wannabesoskinny, wimpy, xtwistedpinkx, you_vandal, _replica
Friend of:15: 413, anti_trend, black_kitty, brknhrtresistor, femaleboobs, goonies, holdmeclose, lovinzack, masturbating, punkygrl1069, tit, toodiirty, wankoi523, xtwistedpinkx, _pussy
Member of:11: americanxreject, anti_avril, emo_kids, icons_4_u, iloveska, i_smell, punkettes__, slc_punk, stripeswitplaid, the_sex_pistols, tsunamibomb
Account type:Early Adopter

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