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Below is user information for ms. jewell. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:ding57 (91965)  
Name:ms. jewell
Location:Dallas, Texas, United States
Interests:128: adult swim, airports, al gore, ani difranco, animal rights, arthouse movie theaters, audiobooks, audrey hepburn, autobiographies, behind the music, biographies, blue ink pens, board games, bob dylan, boho poseurs, books, bookstores, brainy individuals, breakfast at tiffany's, brushing my teeth, camp, catie curtis, cereal, cherry coke, communism, cooking, dar williams, dark chocolate, david sedaris, diet coke, dinner parties, driving, europe, feminism, ferris bueller's day off, folk music, frida kahlo, futurama, gabriel garcia marquez, geeks, gelato, genevieve gorder, gloria steinem, graham crackers, grocery shopping, harriet the spy, hedwig, hillary clinton, home movies, ice cream, ingmar bergman, isabel allende, janeane garofalo, jeopardy, john cusack, kevin spacey, king of the hill, libraries, liz phair, london, lord of the rings, lucy kaplansky, madre, mae west, margaret atwood, martina navratilova, mary karr, mathnet, maura tierney, memoirs, mint oreos, mittens on a string, mix tapes, mommie dearest, movies, moxy früvous, nag champa incense, new england, new york city, non-profits, npr, obsessive compulsive disorder, pander zine distro, penguins, planned parenthood, rain, reading, rearranging my apartment, rent, reproductive rights, road trips, rome, san francisco, sarah vowell, second wave feminism, shel silverstein, simon and garfunkel, socialism, subways, summer, summer fruits, swimming, t-shirts, target, the beatles, the golden girls, the history channel, the simpsons, the smell of camp, thunderstorms, to kill a mockingbird, trading spaces, traveling, travis the invisible bond, trivial pursuit, ursula leguin, used books, vanilla diet coke, veganism, vegetarianism, vintage furniture, wallace and gromit, william h. macy, wilma mankiller, woman artists, woody allen, wool sweaters, zines
Friends:5: annaclaire, continuityerror, squeezable, starfishsarah, suckerpunch
Friend of:3: annaclaire, continuityerror, squeezable
Account type:Early Adopter

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