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Below is information about the "Digital Gravel Designs" community. This an open-membership community. To join, click here. You may leave the community at any time.

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User:digitalgravel (50753)
Name:Digital Gravel Designs
Website:Digital Gravel's Styles, Layouts & Tutorials
About:Here at Digital Gravel we do many things, one being designing websites. We took this one step futher to create a community to help you design a great looking journal. Compiling layouts and tutorials. Custom journals available for a small fee though paypal. Join us! -staff
Memories:19 entries
Interests:22: blurty, custom, customization, design, designs, emo, friends, goth, help, how to, html, indie, journal, journals, layout, layouts, override, overrides, style, styles, tutorial, tutorials
Members:47: absolut, acid_enema, amandaxo, artificial_muse, atomicgirl, babi03, booya, chaotic_misery, deceasedopfer, delicateincison, digitaldecay, fairy, friday_13th, ghettobooty856, haley04, iceprincez, john0877, laluna, luckiducki, meggiebaby, miss_december, mors, noseyrosey, numbinside, pixelsticks, prettyinpinkxx, random3284, rena_is_me, rita, seeking_you_out, shakeitlove, silverstarlight, snlstr2be, snowy, staring, stationsvakt, sugarstars, summergirl04689, the_shit, undadasea, wheresmyscarf, wikidbytch36, worldofdani, x360, xdustxtoxashesx, xfilthylinenx, xxshrtnsweetxx
Watched by:36: absolut, acid_enema, april, artificial_muse, babi03, booya, deceasedopfer, fairy, ghettobooty856, haley04, iceprincez, il0vejesus, itsnotfair2276, john0877, laluna, meggiebaby, miss_december, mors, noseyrosey, numbinside, prettyinpinkxx, rena_is_me, rita, sadmonkey, seeking_you_out, silverstarlight, snlstr2be, snowy, staring, summergirl04689, the_shit, wheresmyscarf, worldofdani, x360, xdustxtoxashesx, xfilthylinenx
Account type:Early Adopter

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