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Below is user information for digital_icon // an icon journal. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:digital_icon (279325)
Name:digital_icon // an icon journal
Website:jessi's journal
Location:United States
AOL IM:digitaljessi02 (Add Buddy, Send Message)
This is taintedxxangel's icon journal. All icons are COPYRIGHTED by taintedxxangel.

The most important rule to using my icons is to credit me by putting "digital-icon" in the icon keyword.

Please comment or e-mail me if you choose to use them.

Don't know take my icons as your own. Do not redistribute them. Do not enter them in contests

I will take requests but it depends what you ask for. Please credit me by putting "digital-icon" on the icon description, that would be most apperciated.

When requesting, you must have the following:

- Must have an image
- What text will read (if needed)
- Must not be offensive
- Nothing complicated like making the background animated or anything like that

Otherwise, if you would like to leave a request, please leave a comment or email and I'll get to work on it as soon as possible
Interests:68: adema, alvin and the chipmunks, amplitude, anime, art, basketball, black, blue, boogiepop phantom, braceletes, chobits, computer art, dance dance revolution, devil may cry, digital, dnangel, drawing, final fantasy, frequency, friends, games, garbage, glowsticks, gray, gundam wing, heavy metal, icons, inuyasha, invader zim, kare kano, kittie, kitty ears, korn, leisureworld, linkin park, lord of the rings, manga, matrix, movies, mp3s, mr. rogers, nirvana, paint shop pro, pantera, photoshop, powerman 5000, presence, purple, rave, rin, rings, rock music, rocko's modern life, saliva, serial experiments lain, sesshoumaru, skittles, slipknot, snowboarding, spider man, spineshank, techno, trigun, tsunami bomb, vision of escaflowne, web design, writing, x-men
Friends:9: animeicons, bassoon_chiq, ericasky, iconicwhore, icon_makers, jzka, michimouselova7, showyourstuff, whataloser
Friend of:9: bassoon_chiq, blindjinx, fadingmemories, jzka, luvforever, michimouselova7, rinnyheartilly, stargirl21, whataloser
Member of:4: animeicons, iconicwhore, icon_makers, showyourstuff
Account type:Free User
Date created:2003-06-01 16:16:28
Date updated:2004-04-23 01:56:34, 556 weeks ago
Clients used:Web: 1.1
Journal entries:27
Comments:Posted: 21 - Received: 328
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