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Below is user information for |[ erika ]|. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:diemoreandmore (60400)
Name:|[ erika ]|
Website:Fever Mission
Location:Texas, United States
AOL IM:diem0reandm0re (Add Buddy, Send Message)
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Erika is not a particularly kawaii Kurione. Erika is a counterfeit-vindicator living as a refugee in a vile mote of emotional waste where she not-so-secretly plots evil schemes involving yams and posts about them in her journal. She enjoys pretending she isn't afraid of the zombies from Resident Evil and has dellusions of being accepted at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

Strengths: Loyalty, Often entertaingly stupid, always knows where to find the Magnum and tastes like Peanutbutter.

Weaknesses: Fear of cow utters, vulnerable to ear infections, has a tendency for falling in with bad people (otaku), suseptable to catboys and often loses her cool when hearing the word "cooties".

Special Skills: Her dronning will put you to sleep much like Jigglypuff... though less cute.

Weapons: Emblazon of Knife, also known to wield a keyblade, carry an 11in Holly wand and a sack of yams [lets hope you never find out...].

Current Quests: Find a spell to counter Avada Kedavra, Make Boot get proof that there are vampires in Alaska, Hijack thar Blackpear an' steal har bootay, Build a bra completely from titanium alloy.

If j00 want to know more my main journal lives at this address

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Oh I'm Dizzy Obsessed!

WAH! Moody someness : The current mood of at
Interests:149: 30 days of night, 8-bit theater, 80's fashion, 80's music, adventures, alamo draft house, alphonse mucha, alucard, analogies, animals, anime, anime club, anti-porn, anti-slash, arcades, art, azumanga daioh, birds, bishonen, blue, breezes, buckles, catboys, cedric diggory, chicken fried rice, christmas, chrono cross, comic books, curiosity, daniel radcliffe, dark cloud, dark days, day dreaming, depeche mode, distant stares, dizzy, dragons, drawing, dreams, e's otherwise, enayla, enchantment, eternal darkness, everything resident evil related, fairies, fanboys, fanlistings, fantasy, fantasy characters, fatal frame, fearlessness, forests, gai daigohji, german, goodwill, goth-rock, graphic novels, guilty gear xx, harry potter, hellsing, heroes, history, i feel sick, inner-evils, inside jokes, jokes, kingdom hearts, legaia 2, legend of dragoon, lenore, lonliness, magic, maxim ferrar, meadows, memories, metropolis, moogles, mortals, music, mystics, mythology, nature, nedesico, nemesis, nerds, new wave, non-smoking, nonsense, oddities, one-liners, opera, paranormal, passion, pogo, pokey the penguin, powers, princess tutu, questions, ragamuffin, randomness, reading, resident evil, resident evil 0, resident evil 2, resident evil 3, romance, rpgs, russell lee, sabriel, sacrasum, sailor moon, satire, sci-fi, scrapped princess, serge, shadows, shyness, sirus black, slapstick comedy, sleep, spirited away, spring, star wars, stars, survival horror, swing, swords, talking in riddles, the animatrix, the cure, the haunted, the senses, the unseen, the virus, tiger army, tsukumo shiratori, vampire hunter d, vampires, video games, vivi, watching people, water, waterhouse, weapons, wings, words, writting, wwii, zombies
Friends:4: disposibleteen, oddish, ravenskylar, sobakasu
Friend of:5: disposibleteen, lovesmenot, oddish, sobakasu, traped
Account type:Early Adopter

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