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User:devotchka45 (67401)
Location:California, United States
Bio:i'm cool.
Interests:138: 1977, 4 skins, a clockwork orange, a global threat, abrasive wheels, against me, agnostic front, alcohol, angelic upstarts, angry samoans, anti-nowhere league, anti-pasti, antidote, aus rotten, bad religion, beer, bettie page, billy idol, black flag, blatz, blitz, blood for blood, broskys revolt, buzzcocks, chelsea, chuck taylors, cigarettes, circle jerks, clit 45, cockney rejects, cocksparrer, combat boots, condemned 84, conflict, crass, david bowie, dead boys, defiance, devotchkas, discharge, endless struggle, english dogs, exploding hearts, eyeliner, fear, fighting, fire, fishnets, flux of pink indians, food, gang green, gbh, generation x, getting drunk, getting high, gg allin, good shows, hudson falcons, iggy pop, independence, infa riot, johnny thunders, judge dread, knives, le tigre, leopard print, lipstick smudged cigarettes, lower class brats, mad sin, marilyn monroe, mc5, mdc, mike ness, misfits, new york dolls, nipple erectors, oi, oi polloi, one way system, operation ivy, oxblood, oxymoron, pistol grip, plaid, ramones, rock 'n' roll, rudimentary peni, san francisco, self destruct, sham 69, sid vicious, skeptix, skinheads, slaughter and the dogs, social distortion, special duties, stray cats, street brats, subhumans, the adicts, the adolescents, the bruisers, the business, the cramps, the crucifucks, the distillers, the ejected, the expelled, the exploited, the forgotten, the germs, the krays, the last resort, the oppressed, the partisans, the pist, the plasmatics, the rezillos, the riffs, the ruts, the slits, the stitches, the stooges, the stranglers, the templars, the undertones, the unseen, the varukers, the velvet underground, the vibrators, tight clothing, toy dolls, uk subs, vice squad, violence, violent society, x ray spex, zebra print
Friends:67: 1950, 3cheersforhate, 77punk, abrasive_agony, bayareamusic, blown_away82, bootcrew, boot_crew, boredteenager, bornreckless, brainsandboots, camelcigarettes, chained2thedoor, chic_a_go_go, crass_cunt, dirty_machine, dirty_rotter, equivocallove, everytimexixdie, fist_to_face, fuck_control, ghost_tiger, guinessgrrl77, hatethebait82, idlethreats, ihavethebeat, indian_giver, irockthecock, i_am_a_cliche, jordan_assault, kicktimesuicide, kickyerassrebel, killedbydeath77, killingfebruary, knify_moloko, leftovercrack, leftover_kendy, lipsticksmudge, livinxdeadxgirl, mindlessvanity, miss_dissent, move_ass_baby, nekromance, nocturnalmorte, oioiwhore4sale, oi_77_adict, oi_toy, rejectabuse, religiousscam, requiemforoingo, rockingxwrecker, safety_pinz, slaphappy77, slappyramone77, spift, streetbrat77, superstitches, thefuckyoucrew, triggerpuller, velma_radd, wambam, warriorpunk, white_riot_77, ww3isme, xtrixareforkids, _punkgirls, _void
Friend of:35: blown_away82, boredteenager, bornreckless, brainsandboots, chained2thedoor, crass_cunt, dirty_machine, dirty_rotter, fist_to_face, fuck_control, ghost_tiger, ihavethebeat, kicktimesuicide, kickyerassrebel, killedbydeath77, killxdexhippies, leftover_kendy, livinxdeadxgirl, mindlessvanity, miss_dissent, nekromance, oioiwhore4sale, oi_77_adict, oi_polloi, rejectabuse, requiemforoingo, revolt_n_riot, safety_pinz, slaphappy77, slappyramone77, spift, triggerpuller, wambam, xtrixareforkids, _devotchkas
Member of:6: 77punk, bayareamusic, bootcrew, coollikewhoa_, knify_moloko, lipsticksmudge
Account type:Early Adopter

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