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Below is user information for Devon. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:devonx19 (444215)
Location:West Bridgewater, Massachusetts, United States
AOL IM:devonjx19 (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Bio:Hey, My full name is Devon James Stewart, but just call me Dev or Devon. I live in West Bridgewater, I say it sucks but its acctually kinda fun. I haven't lived in WB my whole life...I lived in Easton when i was born then moved to west bridgewater(not the same house im in now), then to east bridgewater, then a different house in EB/ Whitman line....then i moved here when i was in like 3rd or 4th grade. I have a sister, Amanda, shes 17 she can be cool sometimes, but other times she can b the biggest bitch. I live with my sister and my mom. My moms cool most of the time but like all women she can be a bitch at times. My mom and dad are divorced, they have been since i was like 2 so it doesn't bother me. My dad is pretty cool, hes in a band and he helps me out with guitar and as soon as i get my band together i think he will help us out a lot. I used 2 hate him but we started to talk again n hes pretty cool n i mean after all he is my dad...i dont want him 2 like die or something knowin that i was a dick to him. I have a cat denzel n if u ever see if you'll love him, hes the coolest cat around and i love him. i also have 2 bitch girl cats, teeny and darlene. i have 2 dogs wolf n jasmine, wolf is really old and i thing we are gonna have to put him to sleep soon. im going to high school at bc high (boston college high school) its a really good school i didnt wanna, my mom made me. i love music and i play guitar and im tryin to get a band together so i need a bassist so if u play n ur in my area lemme kno i really want a band, also me and my friends have been makin stunts/skit/skate/music movies...ur prob thinkin o gay kittie stuff but its really pretty cool, but now that i sound like a loser thats told his life story i only got 1 more things, this isnt even close 2 everything about me, if u wanna get 2 kno me just talk 2 me......mayb ull like me, mayb u wont......thats bout it nething else just ask........
Interests:30: alternative, baseball, basketball, bmx, buttons, cky, classis rock, computers, dating, drivin, football, friends, girls, goin 2 concerts, guitar, jackass, jimi hendrix, jimmy paige, makin porn, marines, movies, music, ps2, punk, reggae, rock, ska, skateboarding, street signs, writing music
Friends:8: bondagedoll, fairychick328, lao, rinnay, rufioo, smokincuban9, suck_it_good, ttwentyseven
Friend of:3: bondagedoll, fairychick328, smokincuban9
Account type:Free User

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