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User:denisof (97059)
Name:Alexis Denisof
Website:Don't believe me.
Location:Salisbury, Maryland, United States
Bio:Chances are, you came across this journal and are thinking "wut tha fuk? ur a fucken m0ron!". Please read the disclaimer and don't ask any questions, because most likely I'll crucify you for the whole world to see. I'm joking. Just read it, and don't waste my time and make me explain it to you in tiny little words so you can understand. I understand it's hard to comprehend, but if you can read, then it shouldn't be that hard.

Next, I don't bite. Come say hi, if you wish. But if you're a moron and forget how to even type correctly or act too idiotic for your own good, I will have to hurt you. Please don't make me resort to this sort of violence.

And ... a_acker is mine. Back off. Thanks.
Interests:27: alyson hannigan, amy acker, andy hallett, angel the series, back off my girlfriend, being in love, being sane, being with amy, charisma carpenter, complaining, conventions, conversations, country music, david boreanaz, elijah wood, eliza dushku, filming, michelle trachtenberg, movies, my fake relationship, my girl, not you, orlando bloom, sarah michelle gellar, sex, tranquility, working
Friends:35: a_acker, a_mack, billy___boyd, bloomage, carpenter, cate_blanchett, celebverse, cv_maintain, cv_shaggery, cv_tabloid, dave_boreanaz, denisof, dommie_monaghan, jerry_springer, karl_urban, katherineheigl, katherineholmes, krissy_kreuk, la_mila, lija_wood, livvie_tyler, maj__delfino, miranda_otto_, m_rosenbaum, sam_jones, sarahmichelle, sean_astin, selma_blair, tysonritter_, vincent_k, _amandamoore_, _bosworth_, _mortensen_, _trachtenberg_, _vanderbeek_
Account type:Early Adopter

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