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Below is user information for Azorina Vidalli. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:denaughtynot (112776)
Name:Azorina Vidalli
Bio:The name is Denice, but you can just call her daydream believer.She was born in an arid, mysterious place. She is latin looking though she did come to the world in the foothills of the mountains of one of the 50 stars.She was born the first day of two different seasons depending on the hemisphere you are on, and is therefore susceptible and bias to certian weather. She has lived twice as many winters as she has summers, the colder it gets, the darker her hair tints. Her skin and eyes blend in with the colors of the autumn.
She loves the life God gave her with all her heart, and is in constant awe of what the giver of life has to give.
She is learning to love her body, because it is all her own, and her eyes are big for a reason. So is her little nose and small wrists.
She is in college, and in a matter of days she will cease to be a wise fool.
Want to make her mad? Don't let her get a word in edgewise, and make her feel her words are lacking in importance.
Want to make her shriek and clap her hands with joy? Tell her the highlight of your day, and what good things you have done for others.
Want to make her cry/break her heart? Tell her she has done you no good. Tell her Jesus was a good, wise man that lived a good life and nothing more.
Want to make her walk away? Tell her to.
Want to make her feel special?Tell her you want to know what she has to say, and don't just hear her, listen to her.
Want to make her blush/give you a hug? Compliment something good she has done for you.
She whistles all the time, and loves being outside with God in the air. she is a romantic, but not romantic enough to forget for long that that yearning she feels inside at times for a companion, is trully a yearning for God.
She likes the unpredictability in life, and she cannot sit still if there is lively music playing.
Memories:2 entries
Interests:61: animals, babies, black, blue, books, bottles, clouds, cuddling, daisies, eyeliner, eyes, family, fire, flowers, food, gentle, green, hands, hearing, intrigue, lighthouses, lip gloss, looking, lotion, movies, music, mystery, nature..., necks, nightime, paper, perfume, pictures, piggies, precious friends, purple, reading, really looking, red, riding in cars, rings, socks, soft, spiritual growth, storms, suvs, taste, the bible, the interesting, thinking, touch, travelling, trees, uniqueness, voices, warmth, watching, water, winter clothes, words, writing
Friends:4: katatharding, kpskrazy, lindzisablondie, live4jesusdaily
Friend of:5: kpskrazy, lindzisablondie, live4jesusdaily, nenufar, theangolaguy
Account type:Early Adopter

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