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User:delacour (6181)
Name:Fleur Delacour
Location:Beauxbatons, France


Name: Fleur Delacour
Age: 17
Year: 7
House: Ravenclaw
Relationship: None
Quidditch: Beater
Magical ablity: Fleur is 3/4 Veela, and uses this to her advantage whenever possible. She has the magical ability of a regular witch her age, but she excels in Charms and Transfiguration.

Fleur was raised in France with her younger sister Gabrielle by her mother and father. Her grandmother was Veela, therefore this was passed down to Fleur's mother, and eventually Fleur herslef. Fleur grew up knowing all she had to do was ask, and she would receive. She lived in luxury and wealth, and hardly ever had to even lift a finger. Her mother only associated with the best, while her father worked at the Ministry of Magic in France. Fleur was used to attending high-class social parties, etc.

Fleur is a typical French bitch. Snooty at times, because she is used to getting everything she wanted. Fleur is attached to the material plane, and what it can give her - this side often getting the better of her. She is a fairly accepting person, but once she holds a grudge, it is hard to get her to forget it. She is nice to those who are nice to her, and trusts those who prove to be trustworthy. Fleur sometimes picks faults out in people, but only because she's used to it. She tends to be quite conceited, but what people don't realize is that it's entirely unintentional. If someone does something for her, she takes this very seriously, and will forever be in debt. She sometimes throws small temper-tantrums, but they pass by quickly.

Long silver-blonde hair falls towards her lower-back, and curl slightly at the ends. She has large blue eyes, that are always shining. They're framed with long eyelashes that are further accentuated with perfectly-applicated mascara. Fleur is tall and thin, muscular in the right places - a body made for Quidditch. She likes wearing expensive jewelry and coats over her regular robes. Blues and violets match perfectly with her eyes, therefore these are the colours most-seen on her.

Interests:35: beater, beauxbatons, being beautiful, being better than you, being blonde, being skinny, being tall, bludger, blue, charms, dancing, dragons, fleur, fleur delacour, flowers, french, gabby, harry potter, hogwarts, jewelry, luxury, madame maxime, magic, me, me again, me of course, quidditch, roger davies, ron weasley, seducing, transfiguration, triwizard cup, veela, viktor krum, wealth
Friends:33: adrian_pucey, avalon, beware_the_heir, cory_warrington, dria_bletchley, hannah_, hermione__, higgs, hogwarts_ww, ickle_peevsie, imperio, licia_spinnet, lina_johnson, lisa_turpin, malfoy_narcissa, mal_foi, n1gel, nicola_frost, nox, no_pixie, pansy_, prankster, pure_weasley, seamus_finnigan, slytherin_goyle, stupefy, viktor_krum, weasley_fred, _lavender, _lupin, _malfoy_, _vatipatil, _zabini
Friend of:9: adrian_pucey, beware_the_heir, hannah_, ickle_peevsie, imperio, mal_foi, stupefy, weasley_fred, _malfoy_
Account type:Early Adopter
Date created:2002-10-31 13:20:18
Date updated:2002-12-22 06:38:41, 626 weeks ago
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