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User:deftoneschicx (104283)
Name:Rx _ Queen
Website:My Pictures... name is jessica im a 15 yr old girl who lives in long island Ny..I have black hair with dark brown 4'10 im short :( but its ok..Im DEEPLY in love with Chino Moreno!! he is the sexiest man alive!! well any other information ur interested in u can IM me on AIM s/n... Bye

Being with you makes me feel like

i don't have to try so hard to be happy

for once it just happens

~.... I Love Ryan <3 ....~
* 2- 14- 03 *

.:*i lied when i said i loved you...because love

doesn't even compare to what i feel inside*:.

Interests:24: 50 cent, avril lavigne, ben kweller, black eyeliner, bowling for soup, brand new, chino, coldplay, craig from gob, deftones, evanescence, gc, gob, mudvayne, nfg, norah jones, simple plan, t.a.t.u, taking back sunday, the all american rejects, the ataris, the movielife, the used, unsung zeros
Friends:30: alittlebitmest, americanbeauty2, bleedthedream, brokenkiss, cchaoticmess, chikacherrycola, crazymazgirl, fhgwgads, fluorescien, girlxincognito, heartsonfire, id3ntity_crisis, ingglishmuffin, loserheart, lostinthedark, luvinboyz101, naddylee, onexlastxcaress, punk_loser, quizzicality, ridered700, sammykins05, spcial_lil_gurl, tbsrcksthescks, xgoodxriddancex, xonyxprogenyx, xxtoolsaviorxx, x_cut_here, _daitheflu, _starfucked
Friend of:20: bleedthedream, crazymazgirl, fhgwgads, fluorescien, heartsonfire, id3ntity_crisis, ingglishmuffin, loserheart, lostinthedark, onexlastxcaress, punk_loser, quizzicality, ridered700, spcial_lil_gurl, tbsrcksthescks, xonyxprogenyx, xxtoolsaviorxx, x_cut_here, _daitheflu, _starfucked
Member of:4: adopt_a_rocker, chinomorenofans, for_the_moment, the_deftones
Account type:Early Adopter

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