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Below is user information for Synthetic Angel. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:defiledpeace (238296)
Name:Synthetic Angel
Location:Saugus, Massachusetts, United States
AOL IM:Upon My Cross (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Yahoo! ID:Fragile Libra (Add User, Send Message)
I hate me

You hate me

Everyone hates me.

get the fuck over it
Interests:131: aaron lewis, amon amarth, angelwhore, anger, anime, apc, aperfectcircle, apoptygma berzerk, assemblage 23, beborn beton, bella morte, blood, blutengel, brandon lee, bruce lee, bush, communism, concerts, contradiction. hypocrisy, cruxshadows, cuts, cutting, dark tranquillity, darkness, death, decay, demons, depression, destruction, diary of dreams, die form, disney, disturbed, dope, dragons, drow, drugs, dvds, emptiness, fear factory, fields of nephilim, from zero, front 242, fuel, funker vogt, godsmack, guile, guns n' roses, hate, hatred, hiding, hurt, illusion, industrial music, kmfdm, life, linkin park, lonliness, love, marilyn manson, masking, masquerading, maynard keenan, mdfmk, me vs. machine, medieval arts, metallica, mindless self indulgence, mindspill, movies, movies in general, msi, mudvayne, music, nature, necrophagia, neurotic fish, night, nightwish, nin, nine inch nails, nosferatu, nymphs, offspring, other stuff, pain, paralysed age, playstation, poetry, rammstein, ravnos, razed in black, razorblades, razors, revenants, robert frost, rock, roleplaying, romance, rpgs, salubri, scars, seclusion, sensuality, sevendust, shielding., skold, slipknot, sorrow, spineshank, stabbing westward, staind, static x, suicide, swordplay, systemofadown, the crow, tim skold, tool, trent reznor, vac, vampire movies, vampires, vampirism, velvet acid christ, ventrue, void, wench, wolves, writing, zeromancer
Friends:1: takemeapart
Friend of:1: takemeapart
Account type:Free User

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