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Below is information about the "Religious debating" community. This an open-membership community. To join, click here. You may leave the community at any time.

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User:debatereligion (218742)
Name:Religious debating
Location:United States
About:Hello, and welcome to a fairly new community about religious debating. Below are the rules [be sure to read them before joining]:

1. I have to just set this one straight, I want absolutely NO advertising. Advertising is annoying, and it is not allowed here. If you have a community or website that you think is good enough to be advertised in a post in this community, contact chestermolest [maintainer].

However, advertising books and information on the subject of religious debating, is allowed.

2. Since this is a community about religion, religious humor and jokes are allowed [everyone loves those, right?].

3. No quiz or long survey post.

4. No whinning. Everybody hates whinning.

5. Debating specific religious doctrines (such as original sin) is encouraged; attacks on religious groups, unless they are based on specific points of doctrine, are not.

6. Arguing ideas is encouraged, personal attacks on others are not.

7. Offer intelligent support, by that I mean including religious scriptures, bible verses, news reports, scientific evidence, documented proof of scientific evidence, books, etc. Internet hoaxes and urban legends, however, should be excluded from debate.

8. I don't care about cenorship. But, post that are posted just to piss someone off, are not allowed.

9. This community is maintained by chestermolest. Any suggestions are problems, please contact me.

10. Please use the "cut off" feature for extremely long post.


By 'religion' I do not solely base this community on Christianity. Some people usually think that this community is only for that, when it is not.

Enjoy your time.

Other religious communities I maintain: challenge_god
Interests:150: adc, afterlife, agnosticism, aleister crowley, alternative lifestyles, angels, aos, apologetics, arcane, archetypes, astral travel, atheism, bdsm, bible, biorhythm, body modification, buddhism, carl gustav jung, catholicism, chaos, christianity, christians, cryptomnesia, daemonology, death, debate, deification, demonology, depression, dianetics, discussion, divination, dream interpretation, dreams, empathy, enoch, equality, eroticism, escapism, essential oils, faith, feminism, feng shui, friedrich nietzsche, geeks, genetics, ghosts, gnosticism, god, goth, hallucination, hasidism, hate, hemisync, herbalism, heresy, heretics, hinduism, history, human rights, humanism, iconoclasm, iconography, incantation, incarnation, individualism, industrial, islam, jainism, jesus, judaism, kabbalah, left hand path, literature, losers, love, lyrics, magick, majick, meditation, memetics, mind, monotheism, music, mysticism, mystics, myth, mythology, natural health, near death experiences, nihilism, north america, numen, numerology, occult, occultism, opinions, ordo templi orientis, orthodoxy, out of body experiences, outcasts, paganism, pantheism, paradigm shifting, parapsychology, peer pressure, people, philosophers, philosophy, poetry, polytheism, prophecy, psychiatry, psychic activity, psychics, psychoanalysis, psychology, qabbalah, reincarnation, religion, ritual, sacred geometry, saints, satanism, science, seances, shamanism, sigilisation, sigils, society, somnambulism, spiritualism, sufism, symbolism, symbols, theism, thelema, theology, theosis, throne mysticism, transfiguration, transhumanism, unitarian universalist, visions, wicca, wisdom, witchcraft, yoga, zen, zohar
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