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Below is information about the "Debate Forum" community. This an open-membership community. To join, click here. You may leave the community at any time.

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User:debateforum (151609)  
Name:Debate Forum
About:Please stay in topic and no trolling. Respect other people's opinions. This is a debate forum not the fight club.

1. No posting of obscene pictures or pornography.

2. No slurs

3. No Ad Hominems or trolling.

5. No disabling the comments when you post. Those will be deleted.

6. If you're going to put in a long post please use the lj cut. If you don't know how to do this please ask.

7. Off topic posts may get deleted.

8. Abide the rules of the Blurty Terms of Service

9. Deleting comments to evade discussion and silence others will not be taken lightly.

10. No advertising your communities. Join communitypromo for that.
Interests:112: abortion, analysis, anarchism, anarcho-socialism, authoritarianism, buddhism, campaign finance reform, capitalism, christianity, civil rights, colonialism, communism, communist party, compulsory education, conservatism, conservative, crime, cynism, debate, debating, defense, democracy, democratic party, democrats, dialectic, dialectical materialism, dialogue, dictatorship, discussion, existentialism, expansive government, fascism, feminism, feudalism, foreign policy, forum, free thinkers, freedom, gop, hate, ideologies, individual rights, individualism, intelligence, international affairs, islam, israel, japan, jews, judasim, justice, kant, law, laws, legislature, legitimacy, liberal feminism, liberalism, libertarian party, libertarianism, libertarians, liberty, limited government, machiavelli, market socialism, marxism, marxism-leninism, middle east, monarchism, nationalism, neoconservatism, news, nietszche, objectivism, observation, palestine, patriotism, phenomenology, philosophies, philosophy, political parties, political philosophy, political science, politically incorrect, politics, pragmatism, privacy, privacy rights, private property, proletariat, psychology, public education, racism, radical feminism, rand, reform, reform party, religion, republican party, republicans, sexism, social contract, social darwinism, social democracy, socialism, terrorism, totalitarianism, trotskyism, utopian socialism, war, war on terrorism, welfare
Members:227: 1ndu57r14lw3nch, 3rddmention, abnormalsanon, aglaia, agnusdei, alisonjean36, allf0rnelly, amadeus, amandaamanda, amorphousfacade, anaideia, anchor, android_13, angstypenguin, anonymousposter, another_life, antilapsarian, antiope, ardentdreamer, arieh, armond, arowana, astrokn0t, asylum_seeker, baby_snakes, beforemytime, before_dawn, bellaciao, bioboost, bionic, blackxballoon, blondeinblack, bloodiedyouth, bluelotus, blue_suit, bohemiantragedy, bowlingforjesus, boynukesworld, broken_starz, bruja, bushwhore, byzantium, camarochik, camelcigarettes, camino, camus, catch_22, celestial_moon, chiprunner, clizzy, closer_animal, commieforlife, conservativeguy, coolfool, cradleofanarchy, cuteyssweety, cyanidespizzles, darktsarina, dark_nebulae, deltadelta, deplorable, deranged, didith, distorted_eyes, dizzygirl, djbanks, doctortwinkie, draconid, dragonfly1517, dreadzsummer, dreamlife, dreamwalker, emaciate, emperorstailor, emptythoughts, empyreal, enox, eurotrashgirl, fabulous20, fetiche, fireryrose, furtive, gaspar, geekyvixxen, genysis, giblet, glennrehn, hagakure, harmzway, heythatsmybike, hf_blade, hiddentruth, hornygirl, hossmosis, hurlyburly, iamthegrinch, ill_kill_you, indubitably, inhawleywood, inlineblue, invoke, iodine, iskra67, junglefreestyle, kafkaenthusiast, kashira, katmatz, katybug8806, kelsipod, ker0sene, kikimonsta, labeled_, lelia187, lilystar, lindsers83, little_light, lnc, lovesonlyhope, ltsgoutonbrdway, madtheory, maldita, manes, marchinmofo, markster_, mbreault, meloncholy, mistresslavey, mist_eri, mntlyun, monkey_knight, monkuss, mrs_tempest, mynameismud, nadie, nicole_strange, nunsense, nute, omgsaddam, overmedium73, pabloeldiablo, pauer, pee, penthesilea, perlmgi, pleasantlycrazy, posedtodeath, priapus, punky_1987, purplecaphootie, purplemiasma, qlamour, queensugar, radmandi, rat, reggie_x, regress, reverend_dewald, ricecatcher, rigo, robpaige, sabra, samneric, sandal, sarimania, serene_dreamer, shalom, show_me_a_rose, siberian_isis, sillybunniegirl, silverfork, sina, singletear, sj, skeptic, skywhore, slutgirl, slutorama, sofia, softly_raining, stankersss, stariemichie, streetbrat77, stupidgrinch, subterfuge, suriyanjantra, synbios, talyn, thefool, theinsaneone, thespiritwithin, tinymommy, tomegatherion, tousled_hair, tracylab, trombonefreak, uber_geek, ubiquitouscunt, ulcer_breakout, ulyaoth, unfeelingbitch, urbanbohemia, verilon, violetenigma, vox_, weaklingchild, webofhorrors, wendypalmer, whoretence, whoretense, wickedsorchae, wickedvixen, xbreakingxnitex, xinful, xjuicydivax, xlittle_hopex, xmariannx, xstacy, xtigerrxlilyx, yakisoba, yoni, yrstruly, zozzy, _daitheflu, _fantasma_, _ph34r, _sex_goddess_, _socrates73
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