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User:deadbatteries (169394)
Name:rebellious hero
Website:Expelled From Heaven
this journal is frnds only!

this is deadbatteries.

if i hadn't made me, i would've been made somehow. if i hadn't assembled myself, i'dve fallen apart by now. if i hadn't made me, i'd be more inclined to bow. powers that be would had swallowed me up, but that's more that i can allow. if you let them make you, they'll make you papier-mache. at a distance you're strong, until the wind comes then you crumble and blow away. if you let them fuck you, there will be no foreplay. but rest assured, they'll screw you complete til' your ass is blue and grey.-Incubus<33

quote of the mo': "Azkaban -- the wizard prison, Goyle," said Malfoy, looking at him in disbelief. "Honestly, if you were any slower, you'd be going backward."-Draco

hey sweedhart. <333 shannon leigh wright. called sha, jayjay (jj jingle from the bronx lol ;D), nanachan, nanami, shay, jewels. born 071787. fifteen yrs old. american/woodstock, ga. cancer. episcopalian. sophmore/sequoyah hs. loves harry potter. obsesses over studio ghibli films. role model is sarah michelle gellar. worships boys who sing & play guitar. guys with accents are very hot. fanmail is dysfunctionalkittykat at msn dot com. s/n is WEEZER izedhead.
music is (my life) Rooney, Outkast, Ash, Chevelle, 311, Godhead, SR-71, OK GO, Aaliyah, Dry Cell, Garbage, Eskobar, Orgy, Sugarcult, The Wallflowers, Linkin Park, Incubus, Good Charlotte, Mya, Dido, Heather Nova, Bush, Aimee Allen, No Doubt, Kidneythieves, Alien Ant Farm, Live, Weezer, Michelle Branch, Kelly Osbourne, The Troys, Smile Empty Soul, Longwave, Lillix, The Sounds, The Vines, Poe, Oasis, Sum41, The Donnas, The Goo Goo Dolls, Abandoned Pools, Less Than Jake, Dig Circus, All-American Rejects, Shakira, Nas, Wyclef Jean, Black Eyed Peas, Simple Plan, Taking Back Sunday, Coldplay, The Ataris, Deftones, Abandoned Pools, Radiohead, The White Stripes, Jimmy Eat World, The Cardigans, Letters To Cleo, The Wannadies, Mundy, Saves the Day, NOFX, Pete Yorn, Stereophonics, Boomkat, Alkaline Trio, Blur, Zero 7, & more.
likes are HARRY POTTER!, haku, Aaliyah, Sarah Michelle Gellar, getting e-mail, the smell of pizza cooking, laughter, bunnies, batman (I love the movies! <3), catwoman (meow), the mighty ducks movies (<3), studio ghibli, xmen, reading what people write on bathroom stalls, reading people's journals, music, cold weather, Peter Pan, sleeping, drawing, writing, "fiddling around", singing, AIM, money, Christmas, ties, friends, interesting people, guitarists, webcams, cameras, lucky charms, cap'n crunch, carebears, oliver james, the muppets, having a good day.
dislikes are spiders, followers (otherwise known as sheep), shots, boredom, close-minded people, people not willing to have fun in life (basically people with big fat sticks up their asses who believe immature people are evil), my habit with procrastination (I hate it, but am famous for it), no sleep, not having money, maths, the latest trends people set at our school, the labels people set on music and how we are forced to use them so other people know what music style we're talking about (music is music).
guys i love are shawn ashmore, hugh jackman, brandon boyd, vincent perez, stuart townsend, jude law, joseph fiennes, robert carmine (schwartzman), seth green, david boreanaz, jesse bradford, sean biggerstaff, tyson ritter, michael wesley-smith, daniel radcliffe, elijah wood, orlando bloom, hayden christensen, milo ventimiglia, johnny depp, chester bennington, rupert grint, oliver james, chad michael-murray, jason behr, brendan fehr, douglass smith, john leguizamo, & more.
fetishes are bunnies, screennames, journals, Aaliyah (1979-2001), Audrey Hepburn, Lindsay Felton, Harry Potter, Will & Grace, Gwen Stefani, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Anne Rice, Egypt, catwoman, Stuart Townsend, Vincent Perez, hair dye, vampires, fantasy novels, fantasy in general, music, bois, sharpies, Target & more.
i love simple things. complication scares me and makes me feel bad. i have trust issues and can be paranoid over any small thing. ink pens and sharpies are wonderful. opens fields with breezy winds blowing the grass all around make me smile. i love making new friends, but i abhor my enemies. i also dislike close-minded people an exceptional amount. i love my hair. i am a statistic of 99.99999etc% of girls that hate some part of their body. mine happens to be my arms and the rest of my body. i do have self-confindence and i refuse to show any weaknesses i have to strangers along with any doubts i have about myself. i enjoy roaming my neighborhood aimlessly with or without friends. i like just talking about life, or anything in general (doesn't have to be important). laughter is grand. i like pretty guys a great deal, especially those who sing or play guitars. english, french, and irish accents are a plus, too. ;D i couldn't give a damn about being serious (unless it's needed) and my entries are short and fun normally. i like wearing makeup sometimes, but there are days when i prefer going au natural. makeup is fun! i hate it when people pass judgement on those they don't know. i don't like people who say mean things, unless deserved. doing it just because isn't reason enough. i don't like worrying. that being said, i don't like school! i love music. music is my life. i love writing and drawing (of all sorts). i want to be a children's illustrator and writer when i grow up.
the end

Expelled From Heaven, my weblog visit my weblog for larger updates, or if i happen to be away from here for too long. chances are, i'm taking a break from blurty and posting on there. :D

--potterownsyou; harry potter
--claimies; 1. "Crazy" Kidneythieves (song), 2. Robert Carmine (lead singer of Rooney & actor), 3. Sarah Michelle Gellar (actress)
--_claim_a_song_; 1. "Faint" Linkin Park, 2. "Are You That Sombody" Aaliyah, 3. Kidneythieves "Zerospace"
--song_claims; "Wishing For A Sail" Dig Circus
--claimyourband; Dig Circus
--adopt_a_rocker; 1. Free Dominguez of Kidneythieves
--claim_cds; 1. Weezer album The Green Album, 2. Kidneythieves album Zerospace, 3. Incubus album Make Yourself
--doyouwantme; 1. Aaliyah (singer & actress), 2. Audrey Hepburn (actress)
1. Incubus "Make Yourself"
"you should make amends with you.
if only for better health.
but if you really want to live,
why not try and make yourself?
if i hadn't made me, i'dve fallen apart by now.
i won't let 'em make me, it's more than i can allow.
so when i make me, i won't be papier-mache.
and if i fuck me...i'll fuck me in my own way."

2. Dig Circus "Wishing For A Sail"
"and my coat is tattered and is torn
worn down by the wind's wicked will
here we are
in this slow boat
wishing for a sail
there's a devil
standing on my tears
but I don't have to beat him
and there's an angel
that is tempting me to fail
but I don't really need him
and the waves just keep rolling along
we can drift in the currents well"
Interests:142: accents, aim, ali larter, animals, anime, anna paquin, anne rice, art, audrey hepburn, band shirts, batman, bedhead, black sash, books, boots, boys, bracelets, bunnies, caitlin's way, candles, candy, carebears, cats, catwoman, cd players, cds, cheese, cherry coke, clothes, coco puffs, coke, comics, computers, cooking, creativeness, cute hair, cute names, cute things, dance clubs, daria, degrassi, delias, disney movies, dolls, drawing, egypt, elephants, eliza dushku, eyeliner, felix the cat, fuzzy things, gilmore girls, guitarists, guitars, gwen stefani, harley quinn, harry potter, hats, hayao miyazaki, headphones, hello kitty, hey arnold!, hottopic, ice cream, j.k. rowling, jpop, jrock, lenore, lindsay felton, lipgloss, little 5 points, lollipops, love, lucky charms, makeup, manga, marvel, mermaids, messenger bags, mmusa, moons, movies, mtv, music, my cat, my friends, nail polish, notebooks, originality, out there, pacsun, pandas, paper clips, paul frank, penguins, pens, pepperann, peter pan, photography, photos, pink, pins, pizza, posters, purses, rachel weisz, rainbowbrite, reading, retro/vintage clothes, romeo and juliet, safety pins, sandals, sarah michelle gellar, shakespeare, sharpies, shoes, shopping, skateboarding, sleeping, snowboarding, spongebob, stars, stripes, studio ghibli, stuffed animals, sunglasses, super pickle, surfers, sushigirl, swimming, target, the fairly oddparents, the tribe, the weekenders, tinkerbell, travelling, vampires, vanilla coke, windy rainy days, wolves, writing, xmen
Friends:None listed.
Account type:Early Adopter

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