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User:darwinlabiana (27507)  
Location:menlo park, United States
Bio:Darwin G, Labiana

by:Darwin G, Labiana *source: Autobiography from the first offical* *not: I typed all of this from the first offical D's magazine so if you would like to use this information, please ask first cause i typed it all on to the computer. *it was a lot of work! *lol*

Hey, what's up. My name is Darwin. I was born in Philippines. My family and i lived there the first six years of my life. We lived right on the water and owned a seafood restaurant just next door. it was awesome. I never had to worry about being hungry. I think what really got me liking the whole music thing wasn't just the music itself, but the entertaining part of it. i remember we had a singer come in every evening to perform at the restaurant. they would always get a lot of applause, and people would enjoy watching them
so much. i think that's what made me love it, the enjoyment people going out watching a good performance. My first attempt of performing was to go steal quarters at the register. i stuck them to the bottom of my shoes with scotch tape and called them tap shoes. I went around to every table and taped for them but my mom put an end to that when she thought i would scare off the customers. but believe it or not, most people enjoyed it. my doing some kind of performance became a regular thing. everyday, my mom would wonder what i would come up next. i always wanted to get people a
good show. finally, i told my mom i wanted to go and take professional classes.

I was only three years old. i was so little, that i could barely make it up the stairs, but even though my mom warned me that i was too young, i was very determined to get accepted. the women who owned the academy told me to come back when i was four. I did. i went to school and had my first solo performance at five. it was a senior citizen's home. hey, it wasn't Carngie Hall, but it was enough to make me realize that this was something i want to do. til this day, i still keep
in touch with my teachers in the academy.

When i was six, we moved to U.S. In the beginning, i was not too thrilled about the move. Seeing snow for the first time was exciting, still i was used to the cold weather. But the weather wasn't the only thing i had to get used to. there was also a new house, new school, and new friends. CA, is much more in tune with commercials, movies, and Broadway than CA, so living there worked to my advantage. Finding a dance and singing school
was rather easy. the school I wenr ro was called Dance Korner. It was great because it taught singing as well as dancing and both classes were in one building. the teachers were the best! I learned so much from them. We were like family.

I also wanted to check out acting. So my mom went and looked for an agent. When she found one, I started taking acting classes. I first did a lot of regional theatre, and went to do local commercials, like Blimpes Submarine and Blockbuster Video.

One day, someone told me that i would be a great model. I thought that sounded like fun so i got some pictures taken and my agent sent them out to a lot of people. i guess the person who told me i would make a great model was right, because i started to get modeling jobs right away.

In 1994 my acting coach told me she thought i was ready for CA. So i was sent on my first big audition, for San Francisco couldn't believe it and neither could my Mom and Dad. It all happened
so fast. Since my Dad was working, my Mom took me to CA My audition went great and i got the part of a little street bum named china town in San Francisco.

I first did the national tour. I went to 42 different cities. Being on the road was a totally different experience for me, but most definitely a
cool one. What most kids were seeing in their geography books, i was seeing everyday. When i went to Hollywood, I took a helicopter ride
over the Grand Canyon. In Hollywood, I got to see the biggest mall in America, and in Canada, the biggest mall in the world. When we were in Washington DC the President and Hillary Clinton brought their daughter Chelsea to see the show for her 16th birthday. After the show they came backstage to meet us, and to take pictures. they
were so nice! Unlike regular school, I shared a tutor with only three other kids. It was great! We also didn't have 7 hours of school a day. Just 3 - HAHA! Another cool thing about the road, was that every few weeks we stayed in a different hotel. After about 2 years of touring, i went to the Broadway Company.

I remember when a Latin singer from the Menudo group came to play one of the parts in Les Miserables. Since he wasn't the "big" Ricky
Martin that he is today, no one really thought of him as a big star. Anyway, we both opened on the same night together. He was real cool to be around. He used to make me laugh like crazy. Sometimes we would get in trouble cause we were too loud backstage. In the show I had to die. It was so much fun to act because you have to be
very dramatic. That was my favorite part of the show. I did the show for three years all together. I'll never forget Les Miserables since it was my first experience ever.

In 1997, I did a show at Madison Square Garden called The Wizard Of Oz starring Roseanne Barr. She was wild to work with! Out of all the shows I did, this show had the wackiest costumes ever. It was a mission just to put them on.

That same year, I did the Christmas Show at Radio City Music Hall. Those Rockets were beautiful! The theatre was huge!

The following summer I joined the Broadway cast of The Sound of Music where i played Friedrich, the oldest boy and i understudied Kurt. That show had more costume changes than i could have imagined, at least eight. One was a fort-second quick change into a sailor uniform that had a bazillion buttons. Phew! It was hard. Another hard thing was learning to play thr guitar. Even though it was
hard, I had a lot of fun doing it. Throughout this time, I've also been performing as a member of
Broadway Kids. In addition to my Broadway experience, I also appeared in the musicals Falsetto Land and Super Hero as well as in
Atlantic City singing and dancing at Ceasar's Palace. In between all this, school was an issue, getting good gradesbecame harder as did
keeping a normal social life. When i was not doing a show, i would either be going on lots of audtions or doing jingles and voiceovers. My
voice has been heard on such national commercials as Johnson and Johnson, Rugrats, Hasbro, Buick, and Mattel, just to name a few. I've
modeled for Macy's, Sterns, Tommy Hilfiger, and the Gap. I was also on Conan O'Brien and Saturday Night Live doing crazy skits. I appeared on the television show Soul Man and did an HBO Movie
called Manifesto. I sang on Jewl's Christmas Album and four Broadway albums. I recently recorded a song with Ray Charles for the 2000 summer Olympics. Of course, to keep everything in shape, I've had to work real hard by taking lots of classes, too many for words. As you can see, I didn't make my way up by knowing people, but by working real hard as it is, I wouldn't have it any other way.

Now being part of singing is like a dream come true. I love the music, like the people and am crazy ever the crowds. It's all so coo
Interests:19: biographies, collections: chains, dancing, dob: june 09, eyes: brown, favorite foods: crab, favorite subject: science, favorite tv show: madetv, hair color: black, hobbies: water sport, moved to u.s., name: darwin.g.labiana, necklaces (jewlery), nickname: gouzalis, rollerblading, rollercoaster-riding, sour candies, steak, sunglasses
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