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Below is user information for dar. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:daron_malakian (106655)
Website:hey you, see me
Location:Glendale, California, United States
AOL IM:MALiCiOUSdar (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Bio:[x]Case No.: 2.989.261
[x]Subject: Malakian, Daron
[x]Position: Guitarist, Vocals

"I take any criticism very personally. How can I not? This comes out of my s o u l. I'm like, 'Well, if you don't like it, fuck you.'"

"I used to fall a s l e e p listening to Cannibal Corpse and Deicide when I was a teenager."

"I kicked a lot of peoples' fuckin' asses. I realized that I had a lot of aggression in me. I've had to learn to keep it in check. If someone turns around to look at my chick, I want to fucking k i l l them. If someone fucks with my homeboys, I want to fucking kill them. I've got to keep it in c h e c k now."

[[ Not real. Nu uh. It's a game. Check the disclaimer. ]]
Interests:45: \m/, a.n.c.a, amen, anger, armenia, beer, being angry, cannibal corpse, casey chaos, charles manson, deicide, dogs, dots, eyeliner, fluffy hats, fluffy things, gatorade, getting drunk, getting laid, getting naked on stage, glitter, guitar, hockey, ibanez, john, l.a kings, madonna, make up, marshall amps, metal, mindless self indulgence, my ass, my band, my fans, pink things, popcorn, raising genocide awareness, serj, shavo, slayer, system of a down, the ambulance, touring, vodka, weed
Friends:113: airinolder, almostkate, amy_l33, ashley_fuller_o, ataris_kris, avrilxlavignex, awesometara, benji_l_m, bev_mitch, bigbadbrad01, bizzy_d_whibley, blinkman_mark, bourret, brianxmolko, brian_welch, candy_mandy_, chad__gilbert, chasmin, chazy_b, cindythomasxox, clarksoncutie, cuddley_paige, cyrus__bolooki, daron_malakian, deven_davis, digital_dreamr, dirrty__xtina_, eatmyfuck, ej_wood46, elisha_cuthbert, elizaxdushku_, emmarshall, evan_4_ever, franka_potente, fred__durst, f_dominguez, george_dubya, ginger_halo, hayden__, ian__nfg, imbruglia0, james___king, jenny_t_, jenxdelongex, jerexmest, jimmyxurine, johnny_the_mod, jonathan_davis, joseph_hahn, js_chasez, justifiedtms, just_trace, j_mayer077, kellylee, kreuk___k, level_billy27, lillix_louise, lovato_anthony, lyn_z, madden_sis_sar, marilyn__manson, mattxmest, mattxxbrann, max_weinberg, meow__talena, michaelshinoda, mista_pundik, monica_keena, nadia_bjorlin, natalie_port, originallucy, orli_bloom_, osbourne_ozzy, pheonixfarrell, pierre_sp, p_rception, quinnifer, rachxthexpussy, real_perception, rob_bourdy, saint_paul, sam_bennington, sarahmartinxo, scott_weiland, sexkittencarmen, shavo, she_elf_liv, skyexhoppus, stella_warren, stevexnfg, steve_righ, stevo, studboyserj, theconan, tommy_delong, travis_182, twin_ash_olsen, tysonxritter, t__castellano, vanessayt, xbrit_murphy, xchellexbranchx, xchristinaricci, xheathledger, xmadex__joelx, xnickyxhiltonx, x_kreuk_x, x_lena_x, yellowsponge, _jackxosbourne, _jessica_alba, _julia_, _smg_
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