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Below is user information for The Lady Emalthyia. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:darksidekitty (608511)
Name:The Lady Emalthyia
Location:Realm 14, United States
Bio:Chickflickunknown is another Yahoo name I use and is another MSN name I use as well as check those three out as well if you want to talk and I'm not on the officially listed names.

I'm a psychic vampire and a dream caster, I'm Celtic Faerie Wiccan, although my natural tendencies are starting to change so I've begun learning Necromancy so that I can become a full on Dark Druidess...I write, draw, paint, bead, and spend alot of time online.....dreaming my life away so to speak. My friends can tell when I'm losing it even though they all live states away...if I start losing it I stop posting online and I curl into my shell again. I believe strongly that a good cry every once and a while is good for the soul, getting mad and releasing everything doesn't make it go away or make you feel better, and that there is nothing better in the world then a best friend who knows you better then you do and will always be there for you. I have alot of fun occasionally when I am really drunk and I dance and sing very badly...unless I'm in the shower I can't sing good at all...something about the accustics in that room....dunno...anyways I love having friends all over the country and I hate haveing friends all over the country. However I have friends all over the world so I have to deal with it. My true friends and I have stayed in contact for years now and hopefully that will continue. I don't like any of my husbands exgirlfriends except one and she is pretty cool. A down to earth kind of person who is madly in love with another friend of mine. She knows who she is. In fact I hope to be better friends with her someday when I have more time to stay in contact. Of all my married friends, I'm the only one who married young but did not have a baby. Also I knew my husband for years before I married him. My dream car would be a 1981 Chevy Corvette, black exterior, black interior. BEAUTIFUL CAR!!!! My dream home exists already and my grandmother built it, owns it and is considering selling it to me in a few years once our debt clears up. I love dying my hair every two or three weeks or so...unfortunately it dies so then I have to cut it all off...currently it is deep wine red. A manic panic color called Vampire Red. I hate the way my pictures look so I use character pictures instead....I still owe Scorpio several drawings of her characters that I just never got around to and I feel really guilty. As far as looks, my pictures always come out bad so here they are:
I'm five foot eight inches, with deep red hair,(update: I just dyed it black) bright blue-grey eyes, freckles. I am not going to describe my body here because some would be jealous and others would be disgusted and I feel that it's not what's's whats inside that counts. Other then that, this is my story and I'm sticking to it! so Thbpt on you all!
Interests:94: alanis, ancient goddesses, ancient gods, angel sanctuary, anime, archery, art, astrology, big rings, black, blood, bloodlust, bondage, books, butterflies, candles, chains, count cain, crows, daggers, dancing, debate, dominatrix, drawing, dream reading, dreaming, drinking, dune 2000, dungeons and dragons, egyptian mythology, erotica, faeries, friends, greek mythology, green, him, hoop earrings, huggles, i.c.p., ivory, jewel, kaori yugi, kidney theives, kisses, laughing, lisa, long skirts, lord of the rings, loving, making jewelery, men, music, names, neon genesis evangelion, neverending story, ny jeans, painting, panthers, prophecies, psychic vampires, purple, ravens, real sex, risk, roman mythology, rpgs, runes, sarah, sca, scrying, sex, sex swings, shogun total war, short skirts, silver, singing, snakes, speech and drama, storytelling, sweaters, swords, symbolism, tarot, the erotic circus, turtlenecks, vampire hunter d, voltaire, whips, wicca, wine/blood red, witches, wolves, women, writing
Friends:None listed.
Account type:Free User

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