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Below is information about the "Dark Confession" community. This an open-membership community. To join, click here. You may leave the community at any time.

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User:darkconfessions (140517)  
Name:Dark Confession
About:This is a community for people to confess their 'sins' and problems. Whatever they are, here you can gain help and advice regarding them. Obviously the word 'Confession' has a certain religious significance, but this is really just imagery. However, those of a religious persuasion are welcome to express their views.

That’s all religions. Be you Christian or Satanist, Pagan or Buddhist; feel free to express your views. This is *not* a place for you to argue over points of faith, however, and people who use this community as a way to insult other peoples religion will find themselves removed.

But as I said. This is first and foremost a community about advice. Special thanks to virginstichery of Livejournal; I poached both your community idea and your interests list. Hope you don’t mind ;)
Interests:52: advice, agression, alcohol, alcoholic, anger, bisexual, boys, breakups, brothers, cocaine, counsel, counselor, crying, cutting, dad, dead, death, dependant, dependency, depression, discuss, drugs, family, fantasies, fetish, flirt, friends, gay, girls, happiness, hate, help, helpers, heroine, home, love, men, mom, orientation, people, poor, relationships, religion, rich, security, sex, sexual, sisters, straight, suicide, talk, women
Members:28: angry_blond, askabby4help, batmanchicka, broken_hypocrit, coke_addict, fairytale_whore, friendofjudy, ghettofab420, goblin_prince, insanemonkey, i_h8_myself, i_ragdoll, just___be___me, macklovesjonah, moonwitch, nautical_star8, promiscuously, ravagedface, silentrebel, slitinginches, soulitary, starbeam, sweet_marie40, thetawaves, toxic_zen, xpoetictragedy, xsurgecanx, _pixiecorpse_
Watched by:16: askabby4help, batmanchicka, coke_addict, fairytale_whore, ghettofab420, goblin_prince, insanemonkey, i_ragdoll, lemke, moonwitch, ravagedface, slitinginches, soulitary, sweet_marie40, toxic_zen, xsurgecanx
Account type:Early Adopter

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